Monday, February 11, 2008

textile pattern week: day 1

hopefully the rest of the week's photos will be of a more found nature. but wanted to start off with marimekko. so this one was found in the back of my closet.

textile pattern links
starting off with two classics. first, a modern classic, marimekko. having a swedish mom and growing up in the 70's pretty much guarantees an abundance of finnish marimekko fabrics in one's childhood. there was
(please disregard the painful photo) this (not my favorite) marimekko patterned curtain that hung in our living room window. it matched the shag carpet of course.

the above scrunchy shirt is also by marimekko. it needs festive occasions. so far it's been worn at my mormor's 90th birthday and at an erasure concert. both super good times (in very different ways) that fall into the festive category i'd say.

and an older classic, william morris. he was a super prodigious fellow, but probably most well known for his intricate, calculated and beautiful flower patterns.

(images from The Flowers of William Morris by Derek Baker)
more here

tomorrow i will link to numerous swedish textile designers.


karin said...

Hello, I like that idea.
The book is wonderful.

jo :: feather and thread said...

hooray for pattern week! love the marimekko top - i've gone for the clothing option today as well, although i think yours is definately more cool!! The william morris bits are great too - such delicate designs...thanks for suggesting this!...x

Fine Little Day said...

Vackert och vackert.

Unknown said...

that book is gorgeous!

KT Mo Design Studio said...

Hello ...hope you don't mind me joining in to what I think is a great idea. I'm a new blogger with very limited blogging knowledge and don't know how to do a word link embedded in text to your blog but have linked to it in the side column.
The William Morris patterns are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

hello, i am joining in with your pattern week. i actually did a printed textiles and surface pattern design BA degree so i will try to post some of my own stuff later in the week. but today, i leave you with some of the patterns around me. hazel xx

Abigail A. Percy said...

lovely, lovely, lovely...this is going to be a good week indeed! xo

bugheart said...

marimekko top!
i will try
to take a textile
photo tomorrow...
i have an abundance
of old marimekko
my mom
lived in sweden
in her 20s.

marie-louise said...

Vilken underbar blomsterillustration!

Roller shoes said...

so nice flower