Wednesday, December 29, 2010

colors and colors

annie of ALL for everyone makes me excited about color! the hat and tags above are from ALL knitwear.

the thing that looks like a matchbook above is a little pad of paper from krank press (also so colorful). i LOVE krank press' produce calendar, which shows you what to plant and what foods are in season to eat, while being pretty.

this looks cozy and winter wonderlandish.

i am thinking about new year's resolutions. often i don't really make any, but this year i feel like making some. changes are in order!

Monday, December 20, 2010

getting darker

and darker. soon though, it will start getting lighter.

congratulations to ELK—you won the giveaway!

thanks all for checking out the book and for entering your names, veggies and books into the mix!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

kale lovers unite

pinky leon on the heater and me reminding you (with a postcard) to enter to win a From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens book

i can't believe how many of you love kale. for all you kale fanatics, i made this delicious kale salad for thanksgiving. it's so good. my housemate, heather, turned me on to 101 cookbooks. lots of yummy recipes to be found there.

so this weekend i pull a name out of a hat, but there's still time to enter to win a book (until midnight tonight)! thanks for playing along, vegetable lovers. and thank you for the orders of late. i'll announce the winner on monday.

this week i saw low at the great american music hall. they were so in sync with each other. such perfect restraint and belting out. fantastic! when i go deaf.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

santa's, i mean diana's workshop

there she is at the top in her red skirt, figuring. diana's studio is filled with shapes. it makes me hungry to look at them all. delicious in every way. and then there's the texture and the evidence of her drawing hand everywhere.

flowers spilling over the brim. an animal in black hiding underneath a bowl. cups lined up in rows. some wildness and some order—the best combo.

good things you want to touch and hold and look at and eat out of.

more (and bigger) photos of diana's studio here.


remember to enter my book giveaway!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

holiday giveaway!

i'm giving away of a copy of
From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens—happy holidays! to enter to win the book, leave a comment by december 17. if you feel like it, tell me your favorite vegetable or the name of a good book. (if you don't have a website, please leave your email so that i have a way to contact you.) the winner will be chosen at random. good luck!

i put a ton more photos of the book here.
learn more about the book and the contributors here.

if you're purchasing a book, i'll be shipping them out through december 21 (and then again starting december 28).


that's my former housemate and completely awesome, beautiful woman, Tamara, in the bottom photo. she wrote a wonderful piece for the book. in her story, Long Live Negrita!, Tamara weaves together several memories. she recalls gleaning walnuts as a child in the orchard her grandfather managed, how some years ago, working with plants helped her recover from a terrible loss, and how more recently, she created a garden with the children at the public housing development library she manages in Hawaii.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

into the holiday winter spirit

with some homemade glögg and kanel bullar (above)

wintery photo goodness
so cozy



i like sunken treasure's moon calendar and prismatic print shop's astrology calendar.
maria's come darkness scarves and book (scroll down) look gorgeous.
hanna konola's holiday cards