Saturday, July 29, 2006

forest quilt

a little quilt i'm working on. usually there's a long, long pause after i finish the top and before i start the quilting. i'm hoping i can just keep on going on this one.

Friday, July 28, 2006

friday flickr wardrobe remixers

(some of my housemate erica's clothes hanging on the line)

these wardrobe remix folks are so styley. here are a few:

apple green stitches
me loves cookies lotsa good ones
lucky olive
if i were rosemary woodhouse
lame liar i like this one
warholuva this one
of course dear birthday and persephassa
lil' slugger

i think the wardrobe remix needs:
some like stylish butch queer girl to post here. wearing buttoned down shirts and slacks. maybe some ties and such.
or someone who just wears cool t-shirts and jeans every day.
someone who wears old-timey seersucker suits and hats.

maybe they're on there. (i couldn't look through all the thousands of photos tonight, though i tried pretty hard.)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

tasty bite

finally our SF fog rolled back in.
we can wear sweaters again in summer!
can sleep at night. maybe even with covers and a snuggly kitty.
can take the extra sheets down from the curtains.
can sew in the sewing room (which was the hottest room in my house this past week).
can do something without sweating (besides lay around hoping the party shuffle on itunes will make a good choice next so i don't have to get up and change it myself).
and can bake zucchini muffins with walnuts and chocolate chips!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


thanks mati for mentioning the 40% off sale at the fabric store on mission. what a deal! i stocked up on some essentials and picked up a fun fabric (for 87 cents) which i'd make into a shirt if i knew how. must try to sew clothes. not sure why i haven't tried yet.

(now i have that beastie boys song about booty stuck in my head. they are fun to listen to on a hot day. i think i'll go find that funny old tape now.)

Monday, July 24, 2006

too hot for words

Sunday, July 23, 2006

ice ice baby

damn it's hot.

about all i did yesterday, besides eat shakes, sweat and lie on the bed/couch/floor panting with pinky leon, was load some old photos onto flickr and make a (long overdue) pinky leon and animal friends set and a bedtime set.

today i think i'll try to stay cool in a movie (either pirates or an inconvenient truth).

Friday, July 21, 2006

friday flickr faves and links

so yellow in aga_d's spring around
i love this cat expression in roweun's pic
verwerfliche's röda vinbär (what are these called in English?)
10 cent designer's here and now

recently added to my links page:

briana's idea du jour blog - hilarious and good writing
one black bird - sf potter diana fayt - beautiful!
added a flag to lily of the valley. didn't realize she's swedish!
maria pysslar o ler, another swede

yesterday i received in the mail from my aunt, a ring from my mormor. i had asked my mom to request it when the sisters were dividing up mormor's things. (it's a ring she wore a lot in her later years on her ring finger. i guess she stopped wearing her wedding ring some time after morfar died. maybe it didn't fit anymore.) then last night i dreamt about my grandparents, and actually, mostly about morfar. he was showing me some lettered stitching on some tapestry, and i thought to myself in the dream, "so that's why i'm interested in letters and in sewing..." i woke up crying. not because my grandfather was interested in letters and sewing in real life and i inherited that from him (not the case in reality), but because i miss him and mormor. he was so real in my dream, moving around and talking. it's weird how memory in dream can be so much more accurate than waking memory. it's nice to have those dreams.

mormor's ring fits perfectly on my ring finger too. :-)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

POST-it doodles

thanks for all the bday wishes! spent the weekend with my mom and friends at a friend's house in grass valley. we swam in a clear, green swimming hole in the yuba river and shared our dinner with a deer. a great way to kick off year 33. can't wait to catch up on your blogs.




so i forgot that i used to (like 3-4 years ago) save my post-it doodles and tape them onto papers in ways that pleased me. the other day i remembered this when i decided i wanted to take home the more mindless ones i'd just scribbled while on the phone at work. found the old ones, and the above are some i like best. seems like i could work on them and make fabric patterns out of some of them if i were so inclined.

here's my name too.

this is the new one that is not as thoughtful as the above.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

thirty-three things

(it seems i'm all about alliteration lately.)

inspired by lisa's bday list (where is it?) and kim's list (from nov. 9, 05), here are 33 things (mostly about stuff i haven't mentioned before on this blog) about me:

1. i really don't like drinking from big glasses. the smaller the glass the better (unless it's a shake or smoothie).
2. for show and tell in kindergarten, my dad took some of our goats to school and they jumped about on the blacktop, across the squiggly lines (for all you top of the world elementary kids, you remember the squiggly lines, right?)
3. my first tape was van halen.
4. my first cd was led zeppelin.
5. the 8-tracks my parents had when i was little, and that i loved and memorized the words to, were by: linda ronstadt, anne murray and paul simon (i still love these!)
6. my favorite record my parents owned was the sven bertil taube one that had änglamark on it (in close second to änglamark was the oakridge boys giddeuppaumpapaumpapamowmow song)

7. in 5th grade i had about 5 michael jackson posters on my walls.
8. for the talent show in 8th grade, my friends heather (pictured above) and catherine and i lipsynced and danced to venus by bananarama.
9. i think my lack of siblings makes me dream of communal living/cohousing, cooperatively owned stores and art/design collectives (even though i need a lot of alone time).
10. i straddle a fine line of needing to be/enjoying being alone and feeling lonely,
11. which makes me think of the lucinda williams song lonely girls and that i like heavy blankets.
12. with kitties under them.
13. i abhor mushrooms and i don't care for peas. i don't like bitter tasting things like coffee and beer and arugula. (yeah i'm picky i know.)
14. i don't eat meat (became a veggie around age 9), but i love the smell of bacon, pork, sausage, ham....

15. i used stones and sticks as toilet paper on a 2 month backpacking trip i went on during college. (too much information?)
16. on that camping trip i frequently laughed to the point of almost peeing because of rita m. (who did laugh to the point of peeing).
17. the only other person in my adult life i laughed that hard with that often, was åsa in my environmental studies class at lund universitet. (i knew both rita and åsa for only short periods of time and then lost touch. brief gifts of crazy laughter.)
18. i've always loved school.
19. i believe strongly in affirmative action in the absence of a revolution.
20. i wish those leaf blowers would be banned and people would turn off their cars when they are parked for extended periods of time, especially when they're not EVEN IN THEIR CAR.
21. i wish public transportation was the kind by which most americans traveled. i wish there was a bullet train that stopped only in seattle, portland, san francisco, LA and san diego.
22, i love traveling by train.
23. i love the smell of the subway/underground.
24. i love swimming and playing badminton and ping pong.
25. i love playing pictionary, other board games and cards.
26. my friend laurel and i ruled at pictionary in high school. she drew one line and i guessed circus correctly (or maybe it was the other way around).
27. laurel and i played clarinet in the 4th and 5th grades and pretty much fingersynced the songs.
28. my favorite color is green.
29. despite my being a big homo, i've kissed more boys than girls. and i've liked it. go figure. (i do hope to turn that record around though, so if you know any cute, single lesbians...hahahaa. {i'm only partly kidding.})
30. continuing on that theme, i didn't kiss anyone until i was 21. (i'm a late bloomer.)
31. i didn't drink any alcohol (despite growing up in laguna beach) until i was out of high school.
32. although i used to think fragrance sensitive people were a bit silly/annoying, i think i am becoming one of them!
33. the ipod has made me a strutter. (just try to walk home listening to it's your thing by the jackson 5 without strutting.)

(above pic is my friend heather and me around age 5? and we are clearly very happy to be doing dishes.)

mom's visiting for the weekend, so i'm posting this bday list today a bit early. ciao until monday!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

summer salad series (just cuz it's fun to say)

tomorrow i'll tell 33 things...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

to be simple

first off, thank you for all your supportive comments yesterday! i will try to remember them when i'm feeling scared. y'all are sweeties!

so, i want to make a really simple, minimalist quilt. mostly white/light with small fields of bright color. like this photo or this photo or this photo.

somehow i always end up adding more fabrics and making things too busy. there are just so many good fabrics and colors, it's hard not to use them.

i am liking this particular corner above though.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


on friday i turn 33. i'm hoping it will be a good year. the last few haven't been the greatest. not exactly bad, but not great either. i like the way 33 looks though. two 3's seems fortuitous. i know it will mean change because i'm finally initiating some changes. it may be a rocky year, but the changes are much needed and overdue. some of the changes:

1. i quit my comfortable job of over 6 years. (it ends at the end of august.)
2. i am signing up for graphic design classes at the community college. (i don't know that g.d. will be my thing, but i need to just try something different.)
3. i am looking for a totally different part time job (as in one that doesn't involve sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day).

the good things i will miss about my job (in approx. order of goodness):

1. being able to talk to/have lunch with one of my closest friends who works in a nearby office, and having a "mom away from home"/dear friend as a manager. (these two superstars have made it very hard to leave!)
2. working 80% time with fridays off
3. having good benefits and vacation (relative to other SF jobs, not to europe with their 5 plus weeks vacation a year!)
4. swimming on my lunch break
5. wearing whatever i want to work
6. riding the free shuttle to/from work
7. meeting interesting people

and in case you're now wondering why i am leaving:
1. job has become mindnumbing
2. job feels relatively meaningless
3. i need a change.
4. lame office politics/inequity/dishonesty
5. i sit in front of a computer all day not doing very creative work.

i'm hoping making these changes, although they may not be the right ones, will remind me that i can handle big changes and inspire more change!

Friday, July 07, 2006

furry friday

pinky leon takes a roll. on my fabric squares.
friday flickr fave (aka my hair fetish): plitschplatschkind
nice colors

and now for some chocolate

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

lamps. lampor.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

viva italia

erica and i went to north beach today. you wouldn't have known it was fourth of july for all the italian flags up. it was also the italians in the world cup soccer match today, which we didn't realize before deciding to go to north beach, not being espn types. that place was crazy with mad, happy italians watching soccer and cheering. we ate at the checkered sidewalk restaurant (which i've always wanted to go to cuz it is so euro) and listened to the waves of cheers coming down the street from the bars. funny. i love how italian sounds.

we also saw wordplay. it's good. i recommend it. bill clinton is in it. i miss that guy.

snapped the above photo of the bruno's bar sign in the mission. the sign is so orange and brown and the letters are so fat. very satisfying.

went to the sean hayes/jolie holland show a couple days ago. jolie has such a riveting voice, but i have to say it feels like going home seeing sean. so good to see/listen to. he has a new site too.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

farmers flurry

met up with my friend laurel and her family at the bustling SF ferry bldg. farmers market.
check out that dimple!