Friday, January 30, 2009

type + lettering week: day 5


the extremely prolific
ed fella
shanna murray
kristen caston


and totally unrelated to type and lettering
read these two posts about the mercury you're eating! along with your high fructose corn syrup.
and to feel a little better after reading those, view this cutie dog discovering snow.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

type + lettering week: day 4

ok, so there is no type or lettering on this last image. i just thought it looked pretty with the others.

type and lettering
a lovely typographic project: random project
marian bantjes

an obama quote
jonathan looman

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

type + lettering week: day 3

at first i only noticed the B and liked how centered it was. then i noticed the fading P (or B perhaps) and liked it even more. a peanut butter door!

yummy and beautiful cafe on folsom st.


robert ryan
sarah gardner. i like this one especially.
and found through sarah's flickr faves: sarah nicholl's drawings
, and gemma correll's and oski's


i love typography

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

type + lettering week: day 2

my type about town photos didn't turn out so hot today, so am posting my pinky leon "holiday" cards in their place. my cards are terribly late this year. i'm blaming it on the cat. (bigger here.)

jessica hische
kate bingamen-burt


some type
specimen books from grain edit (aside: check out this fantastic and sweet book by katie kirk that grain edit just reviewed recently.)
type for you
emigre (our local celebrity bad-ass typographers)

Monday, January 26, 2009

type and lettering week

top: from analogue anatomy press

lettering links
most of you probably know about the excellent book hand job compiled by mike perry.
not sure why ray fenwick isn't in it...
bjørn rune lie

type links
daily type
typewriter ribbon tins

auto type

more links throughout the week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

friday flickrs

i can't get enough lemons lately. i've switched over from drinking santa cruz lemonade (which i love) to water with a lemon squeezed into it. plus some honey. saves money and glass and isn't as sugary.

friday flickrs:
a beautiful nest
bark! (this made my day)
tea in the studio (with fox)
from margaret durow

Thursday, January 22, 2009

orange times two

well the type/lettering week is put off for another week. (not that you're keeping track...)
just a quick hello. and a pinky leon green-eyed peek.

gasp by tim gough

ok, click on magic pictures and then on video spot and turn the sound on. i'm not sure what this dog is saying, but i like it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

two recipes + books

well, i will end my food week on a less ranty note.
above is the granola i made yesterday from this recipe:


4 c organic rolled oats
1/4 c melted coconut oil
1/4 c honey
plus whatever other ingredients you want!
spread over oven sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 325 degrees

(i added in walnuts, cinnamon, salt, vanilla and orange juice for this batch

yesterday i also made the carrot-dill soup i make around this time of year using the carrots from our produce box. the carrots aren't quite as sweet and flavorful this year; maybe this is because of the warmer weather here in california this winter. but the soup was delicious nonetheless.

carrot-dill soup recipe
saute 1 onion and some cloves of garlic in oil for 5 min
add 7–9 or so diced carrots
and 1 diced potato
and 4–5 c of broth
simmer for 15 min
puree most of the above
add dill, pepper, lemon (2 tbsp)
serve with sour cream dollop

(the above are all rough amounts. hard to go wrong making soup.)

good books about food/alternatives to industrial agriculture
(in order of most–least accessible)

slow food: come to the table
the omnivore's dilemma
animal, vegetable, miracle
fatal harvest
manifestos on the future of food and seed
stolen harvest

related books i want to read
in defense of food
alice waters and chez panisse
more by wendell berry

silent spring

any other suggestions?

and finally, the art/design projects of futurefarmers

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i can't get no satisfaction

pistachios from this week's produce box from terra firma

"the whole horse: the preservation of the agrarian mind" is a poetic essay by wendell berry. in it, he beautifully explains the problem of industrial economy:
One of the primary results—and one of the primary needs—of industrialism is the separation of people and places and products from their histories. To the extent that we participate in the industrial economy, we do not know the histories of our families or of our habitats or of our meals. This is an economy, and in fact a culture, of the one-night stand...

...In this condition we have many commodities, but little satisfaction, little sense of the sufficiency of anything...the industrial economy's most-marketed commodity is satisfaction...this commodity, which is repeatedly promised, bought and paid for, is never delivered...

...The persistent want of satisfaction is directly and completely related to the dissociation of ourselves and all our goods from our and their histories...

...When there is no reliable accounting and therefor no competent knowledge of the economic and ecological effects of our lives, we cannot live lives that are economically and ecologically responsible.
he goes on to explain that the way to live economically and ecologically responsible lives is to build an agrarian economy, a local economy based on land. this is a subsistence economy and is a culture before it is an economy. (makes me think of this documentary i wrote about here.) he writes about how agrarianism is concerned with figuring out what is best (for the land, people, animals). "What is the best location for a particular building or fence? What is the best way to plow this field?..." All the questions are entirely site specific. local. and to answer them, one has to study the history of the place. knowledge must be passed down.

i tried to find a link to the whole essay online, but couldn't. it's very worth checking out from the library though. the essay can be found in the book fatal harvest and in the art of the commonplace: the agrarian essays of wendell berry. my summing up here, does not do the essay justice.

anyway, i think about all of this when i listen to economists and politicians talking about how americans need to start consuming again to get the economy back on track. just put more money into the system. makes me a bit sick to my stomach. seems to me that berry is right. we need an entirely different kind of economy. and now when our current economy is failing we should be looking at the deeper causes of the economic problems.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

chickens and eggs

so to continue with food week...

today i made plättar, which are swedish crepes. i made them with TLC eggs. i remember reading in the omnivore's dilemma that even supposedly free-range chickens eating organic feed often are really not free-range. their "range" is so tiny and their living conditions so crappy, that the chickens don't opt to go out to the little patch of outdoors. the organic eggs i used to eat were from just this sort of place. recently i started buying TLC eggs at rainbow grocery. they are the best eggs i've tasted from rainbow. i looked them up; check out the farm digs. pretty sweet.

here is some info about how free-range can be deceptive. WARNING: sad photo of chickens at top of post.

Monday, January 12, 2009

box of food links

(photo of the excellent book fatal harvest, from the chapter where they talk about CSAs)

i find myself getting more and more into food/farm books/issues.
here are some good links i've come across lately:

civil eats "promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems as part of building economically and socially just communities." (i also love their logo.

local harvest is a great place to find sustainable farms and CSAs near you.

organic consumers association is a politically-focused site that posts great articles (from various sources). their millions against monsanto page is super informative and important. you can watch the documentary, the world according to monsanto here. i have only watched part of it, but that part was chilling and infuriating.

and finally, some action! if you are interested in getting america to move toward a more sustainable agriculture, you can sign a petition to get some good folks in beneath the agriculture secretary: food democracy now's sustainable dozen.

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(maybe this will be a food ranting week on my blog and the type/lettering will wait until next week...)

Thursday, January 08, 2009


hi there. isn't this a nice piece of pavement?

i think i'm feeling a type/lettering week coming on. next week all photos of letters and numbers.

some snowy flickrs for you:
from leah

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy 2009!

photos from new year's day hike in the marin headlands.
such a lovely way to start off the new year.

i'm hopeful for 2009. cheers!