Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i lied...

about not posting for a while.
got very excited last night about making some sets of fabric cards for a little trunk show i'm going to be in. off to make more now!

flickr fabric card set

the insides of these cards, with the stitching, are kinda cool too. might be fun to turn them inside out and have a fabric surprise on the inside?

Monday, November 28, 2005

not back to blogging yet, but....

here are some pics from my cousin's visit and thanksgiving:

the new de young museum - hot!

thanksgiving prep

prepping bums


karin on bernal hill

haven't gotten much creative stuff done, so am back to my blogging break. see you in a couple weeks. unless i take another break from my break! :-P

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"peeping friday" and a blog vacation

camilla suggested some peeping friday photos. here's my closet. i just noticed the angle of my pic is similar to camilla's. her closet is narrow like mine, but has very different colors!

and the sock drawer. i think you can never have too many socks. i hate having cold feet.

i'm thinking of taking a 1-3 week vacation from the blog. i find i'm in front of the computer a lot more than i'm crafting/creating these days. we'll see if i can stick to the blog vacation. going to limit my blog reading too. maybe to 5-10 site visits a day? that one may actually be harder to stick to.

anyhow, check back in a couple of weeks. maybe i'll have some finished projects to share then...

guest pet to blog and inspiration

a little bit spooky pinky leon pic taken by my housemate erica

inspiring me this week are:

di's bags - i love her green fabric choices and the square bags. i don't know how to sew 3d square or rectangular things, but i sure am going to try to figure it out now. check out pics of clementine's shoes bags here. wow!

especially exciting to see this week are port2port maria's letterpress cards! you can order your own cards at

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

let's get it perculatin'

while you're waiting so just dance for me...

erica's new perculator. it's so cool. we are mesmerized by it. why don't people use these anymore?! of course every time she makes coffee, i'll get mary j. blige in my head....

Monday, November 14, 2005

self portrait tuesday: serious santa

a santa beard from the scarf that is underway. unfortunately i can only knit about 5 rows a day because knitting messes with my neck/back. such a bummer since i love to knit!

i know this is a pretty pathetic spt. here i said after halloween that i love to be in disguise and yet i haven't gotten it together for this month's spt theme exploration of identity at all!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

rearranging squares

driving myself mad rearranging squares for this one, but this might be the pattern.

some houses that caught my eye for color reasons:

this was being painted.

yellow dot of color

Friday, November 11, 2005

kusin karin and friday links

in a week my cousin karin visits from sweden. she's the first of my 8 swedish cousins to visit me in SF! i'm excited about it. karin is the most hip of all my cousins (sorry kusiner if you're reading this). she's hip without an obnoxious hipster attitude. she's all talented and stylish and funny and smart and nice (can you tell i like her!?). karin came and lived with my family for a few (?) months when i was in about third grade. as i have no siblings, it was such a treat to have her around like a big sister. i don't remember that much from her stay except that i forced her to play many clappy games and she endured them. she ate ketchup on a lot of her food. she liked participating in adult conversations (which i couldn't understand, clappy games being so much more fun than adult conversations). the room she stayed in at our house was forever after called karin's room. anyhow. this is a picture of us in stockholm the summer before last.

some friday links:
meninas aos riscos
yoko tanaka
green knickers
the heads of state
natasha fialkov
lizette greco

sorry if some of these are repeats.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

pet to blog: pinky the spy

cue the mission impossible music...

from the PL archives. this is a baby pinky leon with his former partner in crime, enzo.

and present day detective pinky leon

Sunday, November 06, 2005

rina donnersmarck

had so many plans of being productive this weekend, but it just didn't turn out to be that kind of weekend.

i did get to frolic on the beach with vegas the shiny dog and my friend. and i saw the movie kiss kiss bang bang. it was very amusing, though violent. never thought i'd be saying this, but val kilmer was really good. and robert downey jr. is always fantastic.

so just thought i'd share some of my favorites today of this illustrator camilla linked to recently, rina donnersmarck. i really like her artwork. so funny.

(i don't know why but this no way one really cracks me up.)

(pinky leon sometimes does this to me.)

aren't those great?!? see more in rina's gallery.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Women's Building Mural

pic found on

for those non-San Franciscans, thought i'd share the mural on our Women's Building. it is my favorite mural of the many in San Francisco. it is awesome (and i don't use that word much).

here are some better photos of it. a beautiful mural for a place with beautiful purposes.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

pet to blog

this (timer) pic is me realizing when scratching pinky leon's cheeks, that he has a bunch of slobber on him (he doesn't normally drool, so i'm not sure what was up with that)

this second pic is pinky leon being a ham.

i'm getting a bit sick of all these pics of me. will try to post some arts and crafts and links soon!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

self portrait tuesday: halloween

seems like people love or hate halloween. i'm one of the halloween lovers. i love an excuse to be in disguise. and permission to be wild and crazy. i'm trying to incorporate more wild and crazy into my life without the disguise or holiday permission, but excuses are welcomed.

anyhow, as you can tell, i represented the prince half of our dolly vs. prince party. it was hard to choose as i love them both, but the haircut kinda decided it for me. maybe the haircut can now be my excuse for wild and crazy.

more spt folks
this month's instructions

and more people enjoying their costumes...

the ravishing ladies, armani (check out the side ponytail) and corrie. wish i'd gotten a pic of armani's legwarmers. classic.

party people (some on the dolly side, some on the prince side, some on the dr. seuss ?? side)