Wednesday, February 25, 2015

at home


i think cards are the only things i regularly collect, but then i'm always giving them away too. some are hard to part with though. above is but a fraction from my breadbox stuffed with cards. seems like i see cards regularly for many people close to me: horses for mom, cats (everywhere!) and quilts for my aunt on my dad's side, marine life and mermaids for liz. birds and dogs for dad, oddball/funny drawn animal-creatures for laur. quail and bicycles for heather, bees and plants for elissa. the list goes on.

pinky sniffing


Friday, February 20, 2015

alameda sights


nother view of this fun thrifted vase

think i'm going to get some bees! excited.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


from the glorious weather weekend

morning sun with PL, fika with a friend, and a walk in the afternoon down magnolia- and jasmine-scented streets. pretty great.

i survived my first no-phone distraction day today. wasn't that hard, really. though i did find myself bargaining with myself at one point. "no dice," i had to tell myself, and kept reading. and, maybe more importantly, i had a conversation with an old acquaintance and introduced myself to the stranger i've been sitting next to at work for over a month. (crazy, really. though in my defense, he hadn't introduced himself either.) 

Sunday, February 15, 2015



delicious colors.

perfect jelly heart is from crispian bakery, opening soon right next to feel good bakery in alameda. they're going to give feel good some serious competition.

sweet marigold, my new neighbor dog.

and the weekend of gorgeous weather continued.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy valentines day ❤


it's been a ridiculously beautiful few days here in the bay area. 72 degrees and everything blooming. too early for spring, but it sure feels good.

i did some mindless heart drawing and stamping for valentines. been a long time since i got lost in a project. i miss that.

everyone talks about how our brains are changing with our addictions to our phones/constantly checking them. i feel it (in numerous ways). i am considering taking a year off from FB and IG. or maybe i'll IG only on the weekends.

my plan is to each day try start at least one conversation with a stranger or acquaintance or have a longer conversation with a friend. this will be a HUGE challenge for me as i'm quite introverted, and i enjoy, for example, listening to music or reading and not talking with anyone on my daily bus commutes. but, i also would like more in-person interaction with people, and i may need to make this kind of commitment in order to make it happen. funnily enough, the day i came up with this idea—a couple of days ago—i had more conversations with strangers and acquaintances than i normally have in a week.

going to try this for a month to start, starting tuesday. we'll see how it goes/if i sense that my brain is acting any differently/if i can handle not checking my phone all the time.

❤ ❤ ❤

Friday, February 06, 2015

rainy reds

and minty specs

our love

Monday, February 02, 2015

sun light / moon light


been so enjoying daylight arriving earlier and staying later. i like this half of the year leading up to the summer solstice better than the other half, for sure.

one of my favorite things about where i work now is that the university gym's outdoor pool is on top of a building. it revolutionizes my days to be able to leave the sea of cubes, to walk in the cold air from the locker room shower up to the roof (nothing like a little cold shock), to watch the sky above as i swim. today's back strokes were cloud filled. just blue and cottony white stretching in all directions. those cloud blanket days are always so comforting/calming. all of us wrapped in the soft stuff. the best. i do the back stroke a lot more now that i swim outdoors.