Wednesday, April 30, 2008

friday flickrs

i like this postcard i picked up at the video store. looks like a good flick too.

flickr favorites this week:

astid's odda
sandra's frukost
27 by mirjan

good weekends!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

it's that time again

the white rose bush in the backyard is in full bloom for may.

sun is shining before the sf summer fog settles.

trying to stay focused on final projects for school while spring is tempting with its abundance.

starting a book club with this gal and looking forward to reading one of these four books:
arthur and george
the accidental
eat, pray, love or
no one belongs here more than you (though this one i've already read, so i'm rooting for the others).

wishing i could have snatched up this from karin and camilla's collaboration.

Friday, April 18, 2008

friday flickrs

as i type this, the scent of my (stolen) jasmine sprig is filling the room! what a powerful flower.

friday flickrs:
tis the season
hikes r good
from karine

i like this dress. bunchy.

happy weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


not my cosmetics. but i like how these are arranged on the tray.

did you see these old folks on yahoo or abc singing? made me cry in a good way (especially the guy singing the coldplay fix you song).

super good/informative and depressing: corp watch.

and now for something a bit lighter.

in addition to being a sucker for wire-haired dogs, i'm also a sucker for cattle dog mixes that are almost silver in their white/black combo hairs. god this one is cute. and both.
(the list of dogs i am a sucker for actually goes on and on, but wire-haired and cattley-silver are right up there at the top.)

some super nice collections/arrangements:
hydrangea magic
collection 1
shoe flower
clutch flower
toy cars
au lit
wee oaks

Thursday, April 10, 2008


i withdrew from one of my five classes today. wow, what a good choice that was. at first i thought the nerd in me might second guess this decision. but the huge relief completely outweighed any such nonsense. this whole semester i've gone (rushing) from school to work to homework in an endless, exhausting cycle. boy am i not a person who needs to be constantly doing something. on the contrary, i need time to relax and to be cozy at home. today, after my morning class, i took the streetcar home from school instead of taking BART. meandered in the sun from the bus stop to my house, made some lunch, sewed a bear, ate some ice cream, watched american idol and now am blogging! i'm savoring this window of free time in my week.

my housemate gave me a sticker that is funny and perfect for me: no one is truly warm until everyone is cozy.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

flickr friday + holga

got my first batch of holga pictures back today. they're not very impressive, but it was fun to try something different. and i love black and white film. and the surprise.

flickr faves this week (i must be needing dog love):
discovered illona and her great talent for capturing her pets.
her and her boy (i love wire-haired dogs.)
the girls
squirrel patrol

in non-pet photos:
marta's snow-covered houses
idaho springs

good weekends to you.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


h is for heartwrenching

i just love that antony of antony and the johnsons. so much emotion in his songs. i can't get enough of the fistful of love song, which has really sad lyrics. i looked them up after hearing the song many times and finding it really sad sounding. i wondered why it sounded so sad given what i assumed it was about. (i assumed it was another kind of fistful of love because i live in san francisco. and because i enjoy me some rad margaret cho stand up comedy. and because my hilarious, raucous lesbian, italian friend tells fisting jokes at the dinner table to 13 year-old catholic school boys {don't worry, it went right over his head. and luckily his mom, who was at another table, didn't hear. not that his catholic, wild partygirl mom would mind—ah san francisco how i love your seemingly incongruous ways.}) anyhow, my point is, it's a beautiful song. here is a wonderful youtube version. i'd love to see him live.

in other recommendations, i'm reading the zookeeper's wife and it is really good. chock full of truly amazing stories that are both uplifting and devastating at once. it's primarily about this heroic zookeeper family (of humans and other animals) in poland during the nazi brutalities, but also about other stories around them. the people in these stories show such outstanding courage, compassion and strength in the face of a (largely unimaginable to me) cruel time. because the stories are so specific and different from other stories i've read that take place in nazi-occupied countries, they really paint a picture for the reader. makes me think more about this iraq war too. just makes me, not living in the battlefield, understand a little more the terror of war (something most of us are so detached from). that part is really depressing because it makes me feel helpless and that i should be doing more, that most of us here should be doing more to resist the war (and other wars).