Wednesday, May 31, 2006

blurry cat, but i like the light. dusk-time pinky leon.

i put some stuff up on etsy, but didn't take very good pictures...

next week i'm off to visit my parents and my dear friend lindy who is back from israel and the first year of her 5 year rabbinical training. very excited to see her, laugh with her and hear of her adventures. then it's up to oregon to check out the green. if any of you have any oregon tips, please pass them on! (am already planning to visit ella posie.) maybe i will run into one of these lovely women...

tuckered out now. more words and pictures soon hopefully.

Monday, May 29, 2006

fair report

it was a beautifully sunny, though windy day at the fair. linden street is sweet and the fair got very crowded in that narrow space. fun people watching. i sold more than i have at other fairs, but the entrance fee was also the highest. these fairs just aren't worth the fees for me since my stuff is rather inexpensive. (plus i usually end up spending any profit on food and purchases.) and i have a hard time sitting outside for seven hours selling. and then schlepping all the stuff. thank goodness for friends who help schlepp. (the schlepping was especially difficult yesterday because my neighborhood was blocked off for carnaval and there was no driving on my street. we had to walk several blocks with all my stuff to the the car. ay.) the best part of the fair was seeing dear friends stop by (thanks guys!). anyhow, i'll be posting unsold cards on etsy soon. for now i'm thinking no more fairs with high entrance fees though!

view whole set of pics from capsule

Sunday, May 28, 2006

off to the design fair

tables and gear for capsule

Friday, May 26, 2006

ih-kee-ah (sw) or eye-key-ah (eng)

went to ikea this week to get frames and ended up with these sheets as well. (i actually really like simple, classic sheets, but i always seem to purchase patterened ones. i do the same thing with plates.) aren't these groovy though? as my housemate erica aptly described them, it's like sleeping in a field of daisies.

i also stocked up on swedish treats of course at ikea:

(ibland koper jag ochsa chokladbollar, kokosbollar, tunnbrod, mariekex, kexchoklad, dajm och dumle. det finns mycket pa ikea, men inte fil och inte hallonsaft eller vinbarsaft)

a few flickr favorites of late:
feet, socks
a braid

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a colorful capsule for you

going to frame these up (like below) for the fair.

stop by the capsule festival for design street fair in hayes valley this sunday if you're around sf. it's from 11-6 pm on octavia and linden street (which is like an alley). i'll be somewhere around the middle of linden street.

see the new hayes valley park, lounge in the (i hope) sun and say hello! i'll probably be a nervous wreck, so seeing some familiar bloggers and friends would be a welcome relief!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


links i'm adding to my links page right after i post this. i can't believe some of these aren't on there yet. they've been in my favorites folder for a while now.

posie gets cozy
anna emelia
shiny squirrel
the felt mouse
nick butcher
lily of the valley
simple me
put your flare on
little messes
while she naps

oh there are more, but this it for now.

back to making cards for a fair next weekend. i realized if i sold all my cards i would still only break even on the fee for being part of the fair!! ug. better get cracking.

on my itunes today:
john lennon
interpol (the first time i heard an interpol song {nyc}, i got teary. not sure why. something about the quality of the guy's voice. same thing happened when i heard the dead can dance guy's voice {who sounds similar to the interpol guy}, and i don't even really like dead can dance. so i burned an interpol cd and wasn't that into it, but then that thing happened where if you listen to something long enough you start to like it. now i really like them. weird.)
anna ternheim (sw)

laleh (sw)
jane's addiction
neko case

Monday, May 15, 2006

swedish ceramics, shirts, pippi and kerstin

just finished listening to designsponge's podcast with karin eriksson and it made me cry a little. i think it was the combination of hearing the sweet swedish accent (reminds me of my relatives and swedish friends when they speak english), thinking about sweden and being inspired by karin's career switch, success, beautiful ceramic work and what she had to say about design. i just found it lovely. listen.

i know enough with the roses already.

here is a shirt i bought from H & M that i'm liking. i am a BIG sucker for dots. and aren't these cute ones? i like the styles out now with all the ruffles, buttons, pleats and other girliness. so much more interesting with all the extra stuff. (it must be a pain in the ass for the sweatshop workers though. i try to only buy sweatshop free or used clothing, but sometimes i am weak and i go to H & M.) i also like the style of throwing everything together, lots of layers of not necessarily matching colors, patterns, clothes. sorta pippi longstocking-esque (while we're on the topic of swedish ceramicists and clothing stores, we might as well mention swedish fictional strongest girl in the world, the fabulous pippi långstrump. it's funny cuz when i was little i wanted to be annika so that i could be pippi's friend. didn't want to be pippi. that must be why i now fall for rock star girls and the like.)

for the SPT introductions i'll tell you a story someone told me, about me. early in our friendship, christina told me about driving in the car listening to music and creating movies in her head. (since she told me this, i've learned that apparently lots of people create their own movies/scenes to music they hear. news to me.) anyway, she heard some rock 'n roll tune (i should remember which, but do not) and thought up this movie called pronounced shashtin (my name is spelled kerstin but pronounced shashtin and i am pretty much eternally explaining this. it's in my work email signature even.) in pronounced shashtin the movie, i wear some tight black dress and i kick ass. i won't tell you the graphic details, but suffice it to say i am, let's say, romantically assertive in the movie. anyway this is all very funny because i'm pretty quiet in general (although i do have my pronounced shashtin moments).

i guess i'm thinking of this story because as i'm going to be making some changes soon in my life, i feel i need to tap into that pippi strength and into pronounced shashtin kerstin more. i'm inspired by mati's recent blog entries where she talks about letting go of some of her self labeling and being more who she wants to be. (she writes it beautifully.) read.

oh, and on all these swedish notes, here is my cousin karin's new blog (a different karin). she writes in english, swedish and french - take your pick.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

mini-scape bookmarks?

been making these watercolor scribbles to get back into watercoloring (after about a 10 year hiatus). i'm thinking of making these scribbles into bookmarks - laminating them and selling them cheap at the next fair maybe. making these, i remembered that i don't actually want the really really nice, thick, rough watercolor paper cuz it absorbs so much water and color. it looks good while you're painting, but by the time it dries, it looks faded and the cool bleeding effects all but disappear. it's good if you want to paint multiple layers, but for quick sketches, not so good...i think i need to get the smooth kind. i like how you can't really control watercolor though. it makes it both frustrating and exciting for me.

Friday, May 12, 2006

flickr-ing and the trouble with quilts

i love the rosebush in our backyard. the roses are so ruffly and not packed with petals.

i've now become one of those obsessed with flickr favorites people. i can't stop following the chain of favorites. clicking on someone's fave i like and then going to that person's favorites and on and on until i hit someone who doesn't have favorites. (they must not have discovered/fallen into the enchanting hole of flickr favorites yet.) i noticed that my favorites (which i often leave as a sort of screen saver on my computer since i think they're so beautiful) tend to have a lot of the same colors. they make me want to make a quilt. which leads me to the title of this post. flickr-ing and the trouble with quilts....

the trouble is, i make the tops and then i don't quilt them. my quilts are all about color and patterns and not about the quilting, which is not to say i don't appreciate the stitching of others' quilts. (i've mentioned her before, but she's worth mentionioning again, ANNA VON MERTENS! now that is some amazing stitching.) anyhow, i don't want the tops to pile up. i don't like unfinished projects. but the quilting hurts my neck, arm, back, etc. i know there are quilt shops that do the quilting for you. but these are little quilts and it seems silly to have them machine quilt a little quilt. i guess i'll just keep making tops for now and hope that someday i can just take my time with the quiltiing...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


more miniature landscapes in the works.
slightly tipsy from a work event. too much so to blog.
i like this link from camilla.
good night!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my own little tree

from jenny vorwaller. isn't it lovely? i love it! jenny's blog is one of my favorites. most of you i'm sure know her blog, but if not, check it out.

i like the way jenny writes, often sharing pieces of thoughts, or poetic, abstract descriptions, leaving her meaning up to some interpretation. i like it when someone's writing makes you think/feel not just because of the content, but also because of style/form. i also like what she has to say, her choice of colors, her photos and her art. see her etsy shop too.

oh, and my little tree came in a package with swedish hymn music on it. not sure if that was intentional, but the swede in me thought, "roligt!" (roligt=fun)

since it's SPT and we're still on the theme of introduction, i spose i'll share some other tidbits...

what, what, what....the self portrait challenge site suggests some questions to answer, one being who lives in your house?: my housemate/friend erica (the sister of a friend from high school) and pinky leon. both of these characters have had numerous appearances on this here blog. speaking of my housemate erica, erica and i both love christopher walken, and this question reminds me of the hilarious SNL christopher walken census skit. the census taker comes to ask cw how many people live in his apartment. cw is this crazy guy wearing a hawaiian shirt who thinks he's married to a bobcat. but in answer to the census guy's question, cw says 80 people live in his apartment. the census guy is obviously incredulous, and asks who these 80 people are. cw counts candy bars among his apt. inhabitants. oh, here is the transcript (you can find everything on the internet!). cw's delivery is of course the funniest part though. he is ridiculously funny.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

mini-scape and rearranging

a mini landscape (cut from an ugly painting i made) and

my roommate erica is switching her art room with her bedroom. i like the new color combo in her new bedroom, very creamy.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

lotsa cards

latest cards. gearing up for a craft sale may 28. i both dread and get excited about these fairs.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

self portrait challenge (re)introduction

the theme this month, for the new and improved SPT site, is introduction.

intro to pinky leon as well

hmmm. words of introduction are always tough. my shirt pattern here looks like a quilt. i like that about it. i like color, pattern, texture. i like photos that look faded. atmospheric photos and art that evokes a mood. i'm sentimental to the extreme. need a lot of alone time but i usually drive myself a little crazy if i spend too much time alone. an only child. a cancer. i actually don't think much of astrology, but i do fit the cancer description pretty well. i like to be at home and cozy. i like thinking about home and its meanings. i love stories and poems, words and letters. i like quiet. i'm easily overwhelmed by noise, strong smells and fast pictures. so i probably shouldn't live in a city. but i like loud, smelly, fast people so?? now i'm being a little silly, but it is kind of true too. that's it for now. maybe more intro in the coming weeks. maybe i'll answer the questions on the new site next time.

i took tons of pics for this since my camera was overexposing. even digital cameras surprise!! i like that.

ok, that's enough!