Sunday, January 27, 2008

good links people

fika with pinky leon. mandarin orange, chocolate and red tea chai with cream and honey in it. lately i'm putting cream (as in heavy whipping, not just half and half) in everything. what the hell i say.

new to me, two gorgeous blogs by the same gal.

this book, the zookeeper's wife, sounds fascinating. i heard the author talking about it on npr.

have you heard about the mountaintop removal in appalachia? view the trailer to this important documentary in the making.

i may not post for a while as homework is piling up. have a good week!

Friday, January 25, 2008

goodbye mecozy

goodbye mecozy

i've taken down my mecozy website (but am keeping this blog). it feels like forever ago that i started making tea cozies (of all things!) and put mecozy up. it was four years ago when i made my friends play tea party dressup for the first version of the site. (on the homepage, they transformed from grannies into hipsters.) anyhow, it's time for a change, and mecozy has been very out of date for a while now.

in the summer i'm going to work on making a (mostly) graphic design site for myself. i may still post stuff i make on etsy now and again. (thinking of putting some leaf earrings up there soon.)
until the new site is up, i do still have two (reorganized) links pages: page 1 and page 2.

if your link fell off in the transition, it's nothing personal—just a mistake. email me at and i'll stick it back on there.

thanks to all who supported my little tea cozy+ adventure!

(i was looking back at who i first interacted with through blogging. it's kind of amazing how early on i met mati and lisa, both of whom live just blocks away. also
in looking back at some of the first comments i received, i rediscovered clotilde, who has two blogs.)

have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

winter whites

andy warhol photo from a duane michals book of photography

a little late to shari's winter whites week. great idea shari!

i haven't checked out all the participants' photos yet, but saw this one on flickr and love it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

happy weekend!

all of my shoes (and actually tights, jackets and bras too—argh) are running out on me at once. this is a new pair. they have straps with big round buckles, which you can't see here. i am a sucker for big buttons or buckles.

flickr favorites this week are people themed:
what a cute kitchen, with nice colors, cute people, cute dog, fun stripes and funky shapes.
portrait on a train. i am a fan of train travel photos.
pretty light and interesting portrait.
swedish hipster in front of sweet curtains.

my list of movies to rent is growing long after checking out abby's beautiful movie week.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

brought to you by the letter R

trying out some lettering for a sign i'm going to make for a high school friend who just had a baby. none of these are it yet. R is my favorite letter though, so i'm glad there's one in the baby's name.

totally creative and cool jewelry by maria of kjoo, found through bits and bobbins. wow!

Monday, January 14, 2008

hot pink match teeth madness

today i am liking:

daytrips' photosoh so good.

these snowflakes.


that mav is back and 3191 going again.

that school has started.

cat power's the greatest. am looking forward to the new album.

great books. if you are looking for great books, i highly recommend the novel the known world (which i've recommended before), and short stories, all aunt hagar's children, both by edward p. jones. i normally can't get past one short story. even if i like a short story, once i read one, i feel like i'm done, and it's very hard for me to pick the book up again. NOT SO with all aunt hagar's children, which i just finished. what a wonderful collection of stories! so much love, so many wonderful characters and engaging stories in this book. i savored each story.

lite svenskhet

violinform by my uncle, a swede, an entertaining, lively fellow, a musician and visual artist

a new to me swedish blog, kiddet

jatte rolig youtube om svenskar (in swedish)

Friday, January 11, 2008

friday flickrs

can't wait for school to start next week. going a bit stir crazy. took a walk up to bernal heights today and met this cute kitty.

flickrs favorites of late:
pretty books
i love the softness and colors in this photo, and shininess of the pomegranates
the light

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

around the mission

an odd, inventive keyhole window display at guerrero and 24th

this face! s/he would get away with anything with that look.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


leaf-light in the rain

i am loving this new collaboration.

Monday, January 07, 2008

two good things

about having an appointment on the other side of town in the richy neighborhood are that:
1) the dresses in the windows are pretty fun to see (if totally inappropriate for wearing in winter). (is that a valentine window already? oy. at least if it is, it's a non-traditional one.)
2) the 33 is one of my favorite bus rides in SF. who can say that crazy (almost 360) turn off market is not fun? and what great views of the city! and it's not as packed as the bus i take more often, the 22, otherwise known as the party bus. for you non-SFers, this one goes from one end of SF to another and probably traverses at least 8 neighborhoods. you will see, hear and smell almost every kind of person on this bus.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

rainy day at the museum

blurry photos of jenifer and mati. we made a field trip (along with a ton of others) to the moma. guess rainy days are popular museum-going days.

i definitely had more fun fika-ing with these two than seeing the exhibit. thanks gals!

this made me laugh. these dudes are SERIOUS about their staches. and the beards—look out zz top!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

in 2008

i hope to:

sit in front of the computer less (unless i have a project to do on it)
if i'm not working this coming semester while going to school, do some volunteer work!
get into some group activities (knitting, having dinner parties, walking/hiking, playing board games...)
find a graphic design internship in the fall
draw a pattern/doodle a day (made myself a recycled journal for this one already)
make a graphic design-focused website and take down ol' mecozy
try new recipes, cooking with the seasons
learn more about: slow food, permaculture, gardening, sustainable housing, potential places to move to, how to practice graphic design (and live) in environmentally-responsible ways
dance more
talk more
try new things more
meet a sweet gal, magically not have to deal with excruciating dating, and fall in love (of course, this was on my list last year as well)

in thinking about creativity for 2008, i really like what keri has to say in her dec. 21 post, kidd me not. although i crave inspiration from and connection to you bloggers (and readers), and i will, i'm sure, still visit certain blogs regularly, i'm going to try to focus more on creating and less on comparing this year.

hope you had a good new year's eve!