Sunday, October 30, 2005

halloween party

the living room was the dance party prince room and the kitchen was all dolly, with country snacks. these are the when doves cry doves. aren't they nice?! we hung 51 doves.

boobie cupcakes

jen and christina (this is about as in costume as these two get) cute!

the young, country dolly. oh yeah.

a few more in costume pics tuesday for self portrait tuesday!

ps. thanks for all the very sweet comments on the haircut! you all are too nice!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

the asymmetrical haircut

here's the delayed spt post.

thought i'd get an 80's cut for the halloween party. and i needed a big change of some sort. (maybe this will instigate some more needed changes.)

i was pretty nervous as i was getting my haircut for numerous reasons:
a. my haircutter is a hottie and sweetie and always makes me nervous. the first time i got my hair cut by her, i could barely breathe.
b. i never know how to small talk at the hairdresser.
c. i had on for the first time since i bought it, a used sweater, and the sweater smells like old lady perfume (could be worse i spose).
d. i have a funny bump on my head that the doctor says will go away, but i kept worrying about whether to point it out or not, especially since she started cutting RIGHT by it. (and yet here i am pointing it out to all my blog readers!)
e. i have never had my hair cut this short.
f. it looked pretty freaky about midway through the haircut from the little i could see in the mirror.

but i'm pretty happy with it, if feeling a bit off kilter. change can be fun!

jen gray

i can't believe i forgot to add jen gray to my links. must do that tonight. i love her chicken post from today, the picture and the words.

i'll be back with pictures probably on sunday. all my free time is going to making decorations and preparing for my housemate's and my DOLLY VS. PRINCE halloween party this saturday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

self portrait tuesday: postponed

perhaps a post on friday after a drastic (for me) haircut....that is the drastic haircut is to happen on thursday night. documentation friday. i noticed that camilla also documented a haircut this week. :-) but we didn't get to see the end result!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


purchases from the fair:

print by Reginald Whittenberg, a student at a local elementary school.

earring by Armani (traded for marieke bear) - i don't usually wear long earrings, but i couldn't resist these!

print by Mati McDonough, bought at her open studio, which was inspiring. what a bunch of great artists!

and i found Satu Palander's photos on flickr. i LOVE her photography!

creatures in the mecozy shop have been updated too.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

a day at the fair and LINK UPDATE finally

bear poking out of bag

the bear shelf

armani with her jewels

i have FINALLY updated my links page. i haven't for so long because it feels out of control. must reorganize it at some point. if i have forgotten your link and said i would put it on there, please let me know. also if you'd prefer your link to be under a different category or called something else, let me know. (of course it may take me months to fix it, but i will at some point!)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Come to the Noe Valley Harvest Festival

The Noe Valley Harvest Festival is Saturday the 22nd from 10-6.
I'll be sharing a booth with Armani who makes lovely jewelry.
We'll be between Church and Vicksburg on 24th St. Stop by!

front and back

These are a couple more bears who'll be there too...The polkadotty one will get a face tomorrow.
View all bears here.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

bring your pet (and housemate) to blog

tum tum

erica and PL hanging in the late afternoon light.

erica moved in a few months ago. she's the sister of a friend from laguna beach high school. she was a frosh when i was a senior in high school. since she's moved in, we keep discovering these funny overlaps in our laguna experiences (besides the fact that she is erica anne and i'm kerstin erika ann!). for example, we both worked delivering drugs for mc'calla's pharmacy, driving the little crappy delivery car with no airconditioning in summer heat and traffic. i worked with the older nerdy cooper kid, and she worked with the younger nerdy cooper kid (who according to high school reunion sources is now apparently some successful, hot gay man with a hot partner. love that.).

besides these overlaps, erica is a terrific housemate because:

she is a wild and crazy, sensitive, philosophical, artsy, architecty gal.

she uses laguna words like rad, roust, killer, errr, and shaa. words that are just plain silly. i had forgotten about some of these.

and she eats dinner with me at 5:15! right when we get home from work. i don't know anyone else who eats so early! we're little old ladies that way. (well, i'm a little old lady in more ways than just that, but that's another post.)

and, as you can see here, she and PL are fast friends. it's rad. don't roust.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

forming bears

bears from the weekend. i am so frustrated because my neck and back are out of whack and i can't finish all the bears right now. i want to finish them for the fair now. grrr.

in progress

two in progress and three older bears

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

self portrait tuesday: the timer!

self portrait tuesday folks
finally tried out the timer function. it's fun!
still going to go for gritty next week.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

display case?

was on a mission this weekend to find something i could use to display bears in for the fair on saturday. want to have some bears standing. i got this little tin and a little grey/blue distressed wood shelf thing at the antique mall. i think they'll do. they're certainly cheaper and more interesting than some of the display stands one can buy online. will post some bears later this week.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

provsmak: dröm rum (taste: dream rooms)

so this is just a little taste of the beginning of the dream rooms project mav at port2port started. (see her oct. 12 post.)

above are pictures from the yellow house on the swedish landstrom arkitekt site. very cool houses. (to see numerous pics of each bldg., you have to click on the picture of the bldg. and then on "bilder" on bottom right of the page.)

and here, here, here, and here are more swedish rooms, both in and outdoor, from books i have. (see credits for these photos on my flickr account under the rooms set.)

some things i like in the above photos are the light, attic rooms, openness.

what i dream of/am a sucker for in houses (and these first pics don't exemplify this) is built in shelves, bench seats by the breakfast table, bench seats/beds in general, beds that are in a nook, and bursts of color, among other things.

thanks mav for starting this fun project!

Friday, October 14, 2005

friday fabrics

favorite of the bunch

got all this fabric i'm excited to use this weekend. it's a sewing weekend in preparation for the noe valley street fair on oct. 22. maybe i'll see you there?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

peggy honeywell

went to see peggy honeywell last night with my housemate and her coworkers. peggy has a lovely voice, sweet songs and plays the banjo and guitar. and the art on her cd cover is great. no website as far as i can tell, so you just get to see the artwork, above and below, by peggy. my scanner's color is unfortunately really off. clarity is not so good either.

(i don't even care for penises and i still really like these drawings! :-))

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

self portrait tuesday: sniffles from the wknd

sore throat

perpetual pajamas

my nose isn't quite this big in reality, but it did feel that way!

next week i WILL try setting the camera to take the pictures.

Monday, October 10, 2005

bird in the hand

so as i mentioned in my last post, i met lisa of bird in the hand yesterday. it's funny to me how much and how little comes across about a person in their blog. lisa's blog is certainly colorful, but she, her art and her house were even more colorful in person, if you can imagine that!

lisa and i toured each others' houses since we live close by and both like to see others' homes (as i bet a lot of us blog surfers do since we get glimpses of homes in blogs). i had been inside for a few days on account of my cold, so everything was a bit overwhelming when i arrived at lisa's. being outside in the sun, meeting a new person whose art i admire (always daunting for shy, easily dumbstruck people like me!), and seeing all that great art and color in lisa's house! wow. i couldn't take it all in, there were so many lovely photographs, artwork, colors, fabric, etc.

above are just a few (my favorites) of the stack of great fabric pieces lisa gave me, along with a dwell mag, and plush you broschure. what a generous gal! i think some of my new bears will be sporting some colorful new coats soon! thank you lisa!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

when sick for 5 days

make sunny kitchen cushions (from a sheet i bought in sweden for about $3.50.)! that's all i did anyway during my cold, that and slept. and finally today i was relatively well and got to meet the sweet Lisa of Bird in the Hand. more on that tomorrow evening....!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

bring your pet to blog and recommendations

once again, PL helping with sewing
i feel bad not having posted any of my own projects lately. i've been excited to start sewing, but now have a cold, so haven't done much...

book rec: Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody - this outstanding autobiography is the kind of book kids should be reading in U.S. history classes!!! an engaging, moving, inspiring, infuriating, straightforward and honest account of growing up black in Mississippi in the 40's and 50's and of the civil rights movement in the 60's. one can also find in it the interconnection of issues of race, poverty and sex/gender.

movie rec: Thumbsucker - a sad, sweet, funny movie with excellent acting (except for Keanu's acting of course, but that's to be expected).

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ok, so just a little more from sweden

the purchases:

skirt from second hand store, stockholms stadsmission

marimekko pillowcase

elephant stuff

and this is a postcard of a sketch by a prolific swedish sculptor/painter, bror hjorth (1894-1968). i thought this sketch was too funny. it's called the lady with the dog.

and this pic is inspired by arc and mav's lovely plane shots.

and, totally unrelated to sweden, the view from the toilet in my house.