Sunday, December 30, 2007

bye 2007

settling back in with pinky leon in sf. it's quiet now after my mom has left.

from 2007:

bands i'd like to listen more to (after hearing a couple songs by them in 2007):
camera obscura
lali puna
broken social science
the books

movies i enjoyed:
darjeeling limited
lars and the real girl
miss potter
half nelson (on video)
united states of leland (on video)
the lives of others
the namesake
the last picture show (on video)

books read and that i recommend:
animal, vegetable miracle by barbara kingsolver
the intuitionist by colson whitehead
hm, i read quite a few books, but i wasn't crazy about any of them like i was last year when i read the known world by edward p jones. recommendations anyone?

favorite eats:
heather's leek soup with blue cheese
carmelized brussel sprouts
laurel's key lime pie

what were some of your favorites?

happy new year friends/readers!

i hope 2008 is a more peaceful year for the world.


portrait of my mom as a girl, painted by her uncle, torsten bergmark

my dad's shirts

old friends (since we were 3) in sunny southern california. it was nice to be warm!

hope your holidays were good!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

happy holidays!

i'm off to my parents.
will be back here near the end of december.

(the card this year is pretty illegible (text on flickr). i changed my mind at kinkos last minute when i was preparing my transparency for screenprinting. in my rush to make the transparency, go buy a screen and get to the MCC to print, i reduced my lettering too much and didn't think to make bigger snow. ah well.)

keep cozy!

god jul o gott nytt ar svenskar!

Friday, December 21, 2007

friday flickrs

friday flickrs are from karine:
her whole self portrait set with nature is great.

and from oooh caro
3 (so luscious!)

happy winter solstice!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

recycled gifts

made a couple more journals. here's five and a half's how to.

a sampling of the many many blogs i need to add to my outdated links page:
asphalt and air
eddy and edwina
sweet sassafras

Monday, December 17, 2007

made my day

i passed by this strange building and while taking a picture of it, this man was parking in front of the building. as i was still clicking, he got out of his car, crossed the street and asked me if i knew what the building was. i said no, and he told me it used to be where they kept horses for the carriages (he said cable cars, but i'm thinking he meant carriages?) that ran along mission street!! he said the window seen here was the hay loft, and that when they excavated the building to make it into a church, they found all sorts of old horseshoes! so cool. in europe maybe this kind of info wouldn't be so exciting since the cities are older and there is more of a sense of history. but it made my day to hear this old timey info about SF! and just that this man would share the story with me was nice. he obviously thought the history was super cool too. the building is on San Jose (one block up from Mission St.) near 24th. (the man then went into his house right across the street from the stable-church.)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


screenprinting tables at the Mission Cultural Center

when i left the screenprinting room, i passed some kind of ballroom dance class first. further down the hall an african dance class. in the lobby downstairs people were gathering for an event or art gallery tour? and right outside, a musical performance was underway, with a crowd gathered around the musicians. the whole building was so lively! it made me think about how much goes on in SF all the time, and about how i need to get out more. and screenprint more.

i'm not so happy with my screenprinted cards this year. but as usual, i learned some stuff about screenprinting for next time.

now comes the harder task, finding all the scraps of paper with people's addresses on them. my address "book," is all too lacking in bookness. it isn't real or virtual. it is torn corners from envelopes, moving cards and scribbled notes carefully saved and put, where? it's about time i start entering these things in this fancy machine i spend so much time in front of!

Friday, December 14, 2007

pinky leon, sharpie style

trying to get in the drawing groove for my PL holiday cards. going to do some screenprinting at the mission cultural center. fun! will show the results (not sharpie style) at the end of next week hopefully, if i mail them off quickly.

flickr favorites this week are greys and whites:
by manwinmodesty
under the sun (and her words are similar to words on my holiday card!)
picnic (check out the whole picnic set. this gal knows how to have a picnic!)
lloyd hotel

this colorful website is beautiful. i'm not even sure what it's about, but the photos, the landing page video and the design are outstanding. i like it a lot. found it through

have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

dec 13: lucia

glad sankta lucia svenskar! lite sent.

camilla's lucia
what francis (american in sweden) says about lucia
my post last year about lucia
oh! and on youtube of course!

Monday, December 10, 2007

a pastel dusk

this afternoon on the way home from class.

Friday, December 07, 2007

friday flickrs + sites

sometimes when i discover so many exquisite blogs and websites, i wonder if i should be blogging at all. (they are inspiring, but also sometimes discouraging, depending on my mood.)

ah-yi (of flickr fame)
maize (found through port2port)
the happy campers
angela liguori
francesca tallone (found through lena corwin)
there were more i bookmarked. where did they go? (i hate that.)

flickr favorites this week:
rocketina's kitty
he said he'd take me away (strange and good cat photos +)
i really like this poster
oh, mav's evening, wow.

juniorsenior on youtube with jd samson. makes me smile.
this too. especially good if you like miranda july and/or blonde redhead.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

wednesday walk

up many steps

past elsie st. (name of my grandmother on my dad's side. i never met her.)

looking down

and out to the bay
sure is pretty up there on bernal hill—probably my favorite walk in SF.
i met many dogs out with their dogwalkers. packs of mismatched furry guys.
the fog was starting to roll in on the other side of the hill when i left and a cold air was rolling in with it.

ps. thanks to all who stopped by on sunday! it was super fun.