Saturday, February 26, 2011


my cousin, lotta (above), has a fashion, etc. blog as part of her job in the fashion department of one of sweden's oldest department stores, åhléns. she could be a fashion model herself—so stylish and beautiful.

i miss all my cousins and the beautiful streets of stockholm too. old apartment buildings with their accordion elevator doors. the echoes in the stone stairwells. in july i'll be there again. it's been since january 2006. too long.

more prettiness
lasso mauve rose (am loving these colors right now)
eva morell
also by eva
sirens of the sea

oh, and speaking of style, here's mati in her new sven clog-boots with a gold stripe! up the back!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


this past weekend four friends and i watched the water come in and go out, be still and move swiftly past (first to the right and then to the left), lap beneath the house, sound like rain, reflect stars, shine shades of grey, blue, green, lavender.

of course we took pictures.

we stayed on the water of tomales bay in marshall, california. the weekend was like the water, moving fast, moving slow. so much emotion, so much laughter and silliness. we played (a surprisingly competitive game of) apples to apples, we dressed up, leslie set up a photo booth, we told stories and dreams, we beaded necklaces, made dinners, painted, ate and ate and ate. we walked on dillon beach, rambled rather loudly through point reyes, and ate some more. luckily, we didn't fit everything in, so we'll need to do it again. thanks katrina, jen, leslie and mati. y'all are beauties.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fika dags

my mom visited this past weekend. we ate our way through the pastries at knead and sandbox bakery (and at the rooftop cafe at moma, but that cake isn't worth this mention).

the almond twists at knead were new to me, and delicious.

finished i know you're out there by michael beaumier a few days ago. in it baumier recounts his experiences/observations working in the personals ads section of a chicago paper. that guy's really funny.

comfortable (and kinda funny--her expression)