Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving moments

looking at where the zip line from jen and bob's new house to nicole and jayn's future house will go—from the palm tree of course. i love this photo. bob imagining, nicole listening, kevin laughing.


jen preparing delicious appetizers on the wedgewood (jealous) stove

makeshift dining room

it's so fun to see the transformation of jen and bob's house. every time i go over there, a ton of stuff has changed. that place is going to be SO awesome. i look forward to the day when it's close to done (guessing it will never be entirely done as there is always another project), and all of their fabulous art collection hangs throughout. it will be the coziest gallery (serving the yummiest treats), i've ever been to.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


finally it feels like november in san francisco. last night a thunder, lightning, pouring rain storm passed over, leaving the air clear and crisp today. up on bernal hill,
even off in the distance one could see the distinct shapes and colors of the houses lining the hills and streets. the wind blew cold, and the dampened ground made the green grass smell grassy. smelled like winter. i was glad to be bundled in scarf and jacket.


i really wish i was going to the loney dear concert in göteborg dec 3.

there is a sweet and delicate art show up at rare device right now. it's sarah mcneil's work. her drawings remind me a little of beatrix potter's illustrations.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

holiday special

photo by jen hewett

For your foodie friends, your sustainable agriculture-interested friends, your arty friends, your grandparent-adoring friends, your gardening friends and for family members you want to pressure (ever so subtly) into moving away from eating so many processed foods—

now through December 31, 2010, you can purchase From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens: Art and rememberings celebrating sustainable agriculture and good food for just $25! (5$ off the regular price)

The book is a coffee table book with beautiful artwork, and it has some meat (or really, mostly vegetables and fruit) to it in the form of non-fiction writing and poetry. More info and a list of artists and writers included in the book can be found on the website.


I'm starting to think about making my annual Pinky Leon holiday cards.
Here are some sweet cards for inspiration/purchase:

Shanna Murray's
Lena Sjöberg's (in Swedish)
Anna Emilia's
Gemma Correll's
Anke Weckmann's

(I know there were more cards I wanted to link to, but now I can't find them.)

Lightening is striking now, so time to get off of the computer!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

jam for the people

shakirah simley, one of the contributors to my book, started and runs slow jams from la cocina, here in SF. her delicious preserves change along with the seasons. she can't keep her wares on her online shelves, they're so popular! i found these at bi-rite grocery. can't wait to try the brown suga pear butter. mmm.

(i think the graphic design for her treats is rad too.)

find a great interview with shakirah over at lettuce eat kale.

now, time for toast!

Monday, November 08, 2010

pdx ♥

from a fabulous portland weekend

so good, it canceled out losing the hat i had just special ordered to replace my other recently lost hat, flying (this is huge), watching a movie so bad we walked out of it, and being accosted/harassed by four drunks (on separate occasions).

some good parts
leaves in many shapes and colors (one that danced and flew like a bird)
a street where cats of all shapes and colors greeted passersby
little winter, a fantastic, small handmade market, so thoughtfully organized, with beautiful wares and art
unexpectedly running into jenny and her sister at little winter

so much good food and drink at clyde commons and at broder

so many friendly people (at little winter and at every restaurant and store we went to)

not very much rain, and quite a bit of sunshine

jen and liz and crazy giggling and talking talking eating talking walking

my photos
jen's photos

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

spinning from the metal

grateful for

midnight colored packages tied with twine, colored with a story of annamaria painting in canada. so much is curvy-curly in her world—birds, clouds, vegetables. (how appropriate that she wears a blouse with scalloped sleeves.) and inside the package, a rainy watercolor soaked in weather. her clouds roll heavy with water into my house.

laura veirs singing last night

looking forward to portland's little winter: a handmade market and to spending time with two friends, one of whom who will soon be leaving san francisco for colorado. a bittersweet weekend. we will eat a lot of good food.

sarah jessica parker in LA story in constant motion—(on the beach) is it ok to spin here?

(which of course reminds me of THE best spinning-related scene in a movie ever)