Wednesday, October 31, 2007


happy halloween you witches and goblins and fairies and all!

above are my last minute masks, for myself and a friend. i used to dress up much more for halloween. i love to be in disguise.

today i was very forgetful. i had to make two trips to rainbow grocery because i left my wallet at home the first time. and had to make two trips to school, because i left my jacket, with house keys at school. absentminded day i guess. distracted by the excitement in the air.

this morning i saw many subtle costumes—a woman in a fancy pillbox hat, a guy in normal clothes, but with florescent orange nerf material-like tubey horns in the front of his forehead, some people with just wings or just pointy ears, a woman bicycling by in petticoats. i'm sure tonight there will be many more FULL OUT costumes.

time to go people watch!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

city light

i rarely go downtown in SF. when i do, i'm usually at the embarcadero, the movie theater that shows independent films. today at the embarcadero i saw
(besides randomly mati and her hugh!) lars and the real girl, an unrealistic, though sweet and well-acted movie. i think ryan gosling is fantastic. (loved united states of leland and half nelson.)

anyhow, on the way back to the mission district, the sky was pinkish with puffy clouds, and the light was all glowy on all the tall buildings. when you don't see them all the time, those tall buildings look especially beautiful. all glassy and shiny and different shapes, and creating new shapes depending on the angle one looks down a street. so geometric. anyhow, the photos don't capture it, but here they are anyway.

super nice site: dream and awake

and lovelydesign is now sharing her lovely blog. and it is lovely.

ceramic-ish site: coe and waito

i want to go see this exhibit!

i seem to have decided to host another holiday glogg party+craft sale at my house in december. meanwhile i have almost nothing to sell. i've got a month to get crackin'! haven't had any creative spurts lately either. i hope one comes on soon. maybe having this deadline will help? maybe not being addicted to the computer screen would help too...

if you're looking for a book rec, i'm currently reading the inheritance of loss, and it's very good. great and unusual descriptions.

Friday, October 26, 2007

flickry friday +

happy friday!

yesterday was the Rare Device opening. as you would expect from a lisa-and-rena-made store, the store is beautiful and charming. and many bloggers' pieces could be found in the store. i will be going back when it's less crowded. here are some pics from the evening.

flickr favorites this week, mostly about light:

just a shadow
one of those photos that makes me ache in a good way
morran fikar (this photo has about 10 things that automatically lead to favoriting—morran, morran's ear, morran sitting at the table, ekologisk mjolk paket, fika, jatte stor bulle, chocolate (if i'm not mistaken) beautiful room and light, lovely cup and glass, from above view of table).
a homey scene, also with beautiful light

oh, also, i posted a little something on sew green.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

night-time fig portraits

if it's there in the morning, maybe i'll get a daylight photo...

this song, rescue, makes me cry. (there is one on every lucinda album.)

this picture makes me chuckle. (and speaking of eggs...)

this picture makes me miss sergels torg in stockholm. those triangles inspired this rad designer's schnapps glasses. (i know her through my cousin.)

Friday, October 19, 2007

rainy flickry friday

also rainy?
i LOVE this sia's living room. the colors. that little red bench/chest looks good enough to eat. reminds me a bit of my friend oona's style too.
another room, in black and white
in keeping with last week's flickr faves: this is mia

also really liking heather smith jones' recent pieces.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joseph Cornell

(this piece is WAY better in person. much more colorful)

i went to see the Joseph Cornell exhibit today at the SF MOMA. wow! the exhibit felt so intimate (partially due to the low lighting, the many small sections/rooms of artwork and the art itself) and magical. i didn't know anything about Cornell before seeing the exhibit, and i didn't take away any brochures or anything. but from what i read at the show, from seeing his works and from
this info online, i feel a tenderness for him. i actually got teary at the show. (this happens to me a lot these days when i go to art exhibits.) it seems like even though he was reclusive, he really loved/was intrigued by people and by the mysteries/strangeness of the world. from the little i read at the show, he would become kind of inspired by/obsessed with various people, learn a bunch about them and collect information/magazine articles, etc., and devote numerous artworks to those people (Emily Dickinson being one of many such). and the fact that his first show was one for children, presented at their height, is very sweet. a lot of his works have to do with him remembering his own childhood as well. in addition to being beautiful, his collages and shadowboxes are so playful—a reminder that creating is a playful activity.

anyhow, if you are in SF, i highly recommend going to see it!

the art also seems very relevant to a lot of art happening nowadays—whimsical, surreal, otherworldly, layered.
(not that i have my finger on the pulse of the art world, but i'm basing this on what i see on blogs/flickr and around town.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fun with paper bags

and one with pinky leon of course

i found wiksten-made through hannah's flickr.
jenny of wiksten-made makes beautiful clothes. jenny also posted her paperbag childhood photo, and inspired me to post mine (which is seriously fading!).

me and heather (ca. age 5?) in Ralphs Grocery style.
did you do this too?

Friday, October 12, 2007

friday flickrs +


carrot fields forever i love this one.
amazing pattern and so beautiful

and some great dog photos:

from marta plastica (love the light in this one)
skirt chaser
hot dog

and a link to anna emilia's new website
i bet you've already been to gracia & louise's new site
and jen's new simply photo site

are you all listening to in rainbows, the new radiohead? i had it on most of the day thursday, sinking in.
their music really does feel like it's physically seeping in, doesn't it? like it might enter lightly, dew on your pores. then absorb deeper, while you might not even notice. and then there you are, saturated with vibrating, tingling, ringing, humming, echoing.
agitating, lulling. softness and edges and sadness and all.

also printed up some fika postcards. i think my silkscreen is shot now though. now to sew the tablecloths onto the tables! (going to sew the fabric on top instead of peekaboo style like before.)

ps. happy belated national coming out day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

it's a small world after all

today i met ash, a fellow sew green contributor, for the first time. (notice our matching skirts and tights!) while we were at doe, someone from flickr recognized us. what a strange, small world—to be meeting a fellow blogger (an entirely lovely, charming and easygoing one by the way) for the first time, and randomly meet someone from flickr too! it's funny to think that for kids growing up now, this kind of connection might seem normal. i am constantly amazed by it.

ps. lovechild bike of bikes from my last post???

Monday, October 08, 2007

bikes, bi-rite, brussel sprouts

cute turquoise and blue bikes.

hello! it's so beautiful out today. i stopped by the bi-rite creamery and got myself a sugarcone with strawberry balsamic ice cream and ritual coffee toffee ice cream. mums! (swedish equivalent of yum). also noticed the new store, the curiosity shoppe on valencia. can't wait to go in and see what they've got!

now i'm going to make a brussel sprout soup (mums again), do some homework and apply for a job. maybe i'll squeeze a nap in too, since pinky leon woke me up several times in the night, the little turkey.

i posted on sew green too, if you're sew inclined....

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

flickrs, colors and whatnots

a different view, slightly bigger here.

another fall bear for another little baby friend. the left one's
colors remind me of jess hutch.

been hanging out in my flickr favorites lately. a new to me photographer i'm really liking, is parachutgirl. m and m.

also liking minato's spare photo here.

and discovered these rad staches, some of which are apparently going to be in the new rare device in sf. neat-o.

in other news, i have a new housemate. she's super nice. it's funny how excited i get about other people's stuff. it's just interesting to see what, out of all the stuff floating out there in the world, a person chooses to buy/have/keep. and then i get so inspired by people's colors. everyone seems to have their own colors. i dig that. (i think i've mentioned this before.) AND i spied a lineup (!) of strappy sandals in a range of white, beige and cream. they make me think of the 70's. i'm restraining myself from taking photos. for now anyway. :-)