Sunday, April 26, 2009

man, i heart the sfpl

a bigger one.

today (as usual) there was a crowd of people waiting for the little mission sfpl branch to open. i went up to the new arrivals section, which is where i go when i don't have any particular book i'm looking to check out. a thin, very old lady with frothy white hair perused alongside me. i found several books to take home, including the learners by graphic designer chip kidd. i didn't know he wrote fiction! and judging from the first 30 pages, he writes very engaging and funny fiction. at first i was like, oh god, the type is so small—typical graphic designer! but it's true what they say, that readability depends on line length and leading as well as type size, because i'm not having a problem reading it, even with the 9.5 (or so :-)) point type.

this civil eats post led me here: the migrant project

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dear rose,

i'm glad you're blooming in the backyard. shining in the night. the hot nights and the cold ones. i hope your first spring bloom lasts longer than it did last year.

first rose photo this year is a no flash nighttime one! i like how you almost can't see it. and how gold it looks.

jeff sent me this link. it put me in a trance.
as did listening to the pultizer prize winner for poetry, william stanley merwin, reading his poems on fresh air.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

friday flickrs (early)

friday flickrs

molly's sketchbook: a wedding quilt (beautiful quilt in a beautiful room)
the fox
from heather

vika and egor
(laughing not crying)
from o l y
h and his little brother (so white!)

last five on my itunes
west by lucinda williams
let it die by feist
look what you've done for me by al green
no1 in threesome by interpol
balladen om herr fredrik åkare... by ann-kristin hedmark

happy weekends! i can't wait.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter in sf

i spent about three hours walking back and forth across town today. it was a good day for walking. and for finding these. there were sisters of perpetual indulgence all over the place, dressed to the nines of course in easter egg colored (and every color really) petticoats and gigantic (i'm talking biggest you've ever seen) lacy parasols. plus people dressed in all sorts of sparkly, shiny, skimpy wear. on part of my way home i was walking behind this compact guy in tight black jeans, boots and a mesmerizing shimmery, chainmail-ish, gold blazer-wrap thing. no shirt. very glam. his was maybe the subtlest costume, but still compelling. (maybe it was the strut.) apparently there was a hunky jesus contest too in dolores park. i didn't see any of the hunky jesuses however.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

mad world

at home sick today. eating oranges and listening to the royal tenenbaums soundtrack (checked out from the library).

also reviewing adam lambert's beautiful mad world. and the tears for fears version of mad world. (please see the sweet dancing starting at 2:27 seconds.)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

eggs + antony + flickrs

the above photo is a follow-up to this post. (i forgot to take a photo before eating lidia's eggs. hers are pointier than the other eggs.) so far henrieta's are winning the taste test, but i have yet to try gracie's.

oh my. i just listened (per jen's recommendation) to the fresh air interview with antony from antony and the johnsons. i love him. gentle, articulate and beautiful! his songs and his words are so moving. i cried through almost the entire interview.
here it is.

late friday flickrs:
bits of nature
sea fan
from ana ventura
stormy day

animal cuteness
from molly
five stones and a dog
goat family