Sunday, September 30, 2007


my first attempt at a mobile. i've always been hesitant to try to make them because they seemed difficult to me. but i've loved mobiles for a while (who doesn't!), and i was especially enchanted by them when i saw the big Calder exhibit at SF MOMA a few years ago. it was like walking through a forest of mobiles and kinetic sculptures. such a cool exhibit.

it was not as hard as i imagined to make this. but of course, i want to make better ones. i think i need to get thicker wire and figure out a more elegant way to attach the pieces to the wire. also need to experiment much more to understand the balancing thing better.

have you seen these beauties on flickr? i've linked to them before, but they're worth looking at again and again!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

out of order

wow, so much for all that fall talk. it's blazing hot today in sf.
but look, there are a lot of leaves (and trash) on the ground...

time to go have some straus mint chip ice cream. and then maybe some dinner.

Monday, September 24, 2007

fall memories and bears

do you find that you get more sentimental at the change of seasons? i was feeling sentimental with the onset of fall weather/light in sf this past week, but then i realized i feel extra sentimental each time a season turns. i guess the change knocks something around in the brain and triggers memories of past seasons and similar light, similar smells.

above is a fall bear for a friend's new baby. i forgot how fun it can be to make softies. got this fabric at bolt in portland, oregon last fall. i love it. that bolt is such a temptress. they don't have a ton of fabric there, but whoever picks what they do get in the store, has great taste.

some flickr faves on a monday!
i like these colors from tuula.
curled and upside-down kitty from rocketina
and speaking of fall... from shari

Saturday, September 22, 2007

on homework, feet and books

strange. in most areas of my life, i stick pretty closely to a schedule. i am one of those punctual people. i like to have a routine (though i often stray from it). so it's strange for me not to blog regularly. to blog daily for a week and then not to post anything for stretches of time. but that's just how it is here. my phototaking has all been for homework, and not so much for blogging lately. i continued on my own personal feet week by doing a project for typography class, taking pictures of the ground. we were supposed to look for things that looked like letters, using a theme and making a whole alphabet. my theme is the alphabet at our feet and includes many feet shots. (example above.)

sf people: there is a cool book arts exhibit on the top floor of the main library. 13+ Contemporary German Artists' Books. really varied and interesting book design. second listing here.

tonight i started reading a book mav wrote about, evening. the way the author portrays illness seems really realistic to me (not knowing what being fatally ill feels like...). real and surprising. the book is also very romantic. but it seems like maybe it will be about the meaning we give to various encounters by how we remember them. i can tell this book is going to absorb and tug at me.

i also finished animal, vegetable miracle last month and want to write about that on sew green at some point. going to read cradle to cradle soon too. have any of you read that one?

ps. i switched to a mac and safari, and i have no formatting options now in blogger. have to enter all formatting in the code. it sucks. i have to figure something else out!

Friday, September 07, 2007

feet week: day five: avocado toes-st

hi all, thanks so much for your participation in feet week! clearly, this week needs to be repeated at some point. below are some of my favorites from the week.

windowsill's with kitty (so simple and beautiful!)
jenifer's bicycle feet
astrid's bicycle feet (geez, i love these shoes)
shari's drum feet

Thursday, September 06, 2007

feet week: day four: backyard leaves

totally staged. i realized as the sun was going down yesterday that i hadn't taken a feet photo. i quickly put on some shoes i never wear, and ran to the yard to catch the last light. but really, i guess there are just different levels of staging in feet week. (alternate one)

i'll post some favorite feet photo links from all your terrific toes and shoes tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

feet week: day three: floored

i've taken pics here before. unfortunately the ones i tried to take yesterday mostly were super blurry because it was dusk and not so light in the store.

can't believe all the feet love out there. so fun. in a rush today, so will visit your feet in the coming days! thanks for leaving your sites in the comments!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

feet week: day two: in motion

a bit bigger on flickr.

on the left: on my way home from a fun visit with the down to earth jenifer of sprout studio.
so fun to see all your feet photos! keep em coming!

Monday, September 03, 2007

and feet week begins

with some morning sunshine.

i think i've had these traskor since 1992?

when i was little, i ran around in my black traskor all the time. i don't know how. i'm sure i'd break my ankle 50 times if i did that now.

looking forward to checking out all your feet photos!