Thursday, July 31, 2008

packing + flickrs

you'd think i was going away for months to the other side of the world. nope. just off on a little road trip to the pickathon and hopefully to broder's for breakfast in portland. back on sunday or monday.

diary of a growing pile:

directions, batteries, maps, blanket and sheet (for picnicking or for warmth), clothing, hat, tarp, towel, sun screen, hat#2, cds, little notebook, holga, books, umbrella, holga film, box of pens and pencils, headlamp, rain clothes, backpack, sleeping bag.

and not shown: cell phone, warm clothes, toiletries, cd tape converter for car, socks, sunglasses, tp (you never know), food (many bags of it), water and the tent.

the chocolate:

(and this probably isn't enough.)

the wine:

i think we are prepared. rain, snow or sunshine.

i leave you with some flickr favorites of late:
121 (i love these colors.)
farmor o farfar vid fryken

see you soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

sunday morning

walking to st. francis fountain for breakfast.

blue house

sidewalk garden

lace curtains

counter eaters

my digital camera really sucks these days. i want a new camera bad.

Friday, July 25, 2008

flashy friday

(bad photo of computer screen)

well, here it is. my final project for my summer flash class. bear in mind, i'm not so into animation. and i don't have much coding experience either. though i must admit, in the end, i enjoyed puzzling out what code to write to get the interactivity to work.

you must have the sound on to enjoy my "game."

also, getting the characters to return to their original positions will be irritating. you may have to drag, click and double click, or do some magic combo of those to get the hipsters back into place.

i was inspired to make this by the hipster scene in the mission district of san francisco. i am alternately annoyed and amused by the hipster scene. (luckily these days i'm mostly amused/fascinated by it.) my hipsters look a little too friendly and soft and not quite hip enough.

i was also inspired by lisen adbåge's fantastic line drawings (which my characters look nothing like). she manages to convey so much personality and gesture and story in just a few lines. very hard to do! (and even harder when using a mouse, instead of a pen or a wacom pen even).

anyhow, it's a bit of silliness i hope you'll enjoy.

(seems i was into orange and pink for this class. my midterm animation, kitty alone {also sound dependent}, was in similar colors.)

i'm glad the class is over now. just two classes left for my graphic design certificate. and then what!?

Monday, July 21, 2008

portland pickathon!

more melon. this time cantelope. completely unrelated to the below.

my friend liz and i are headed up portland way in august for the pickathon music festival. (hopefully we'll be meeting up with miss sprout, her bob, their dixie dog and their extra sweet vw bus if they make it up {fingers crossed}).

my question for you is, do you know of any fun places to stay overnight approx. halfway (or a bit more than halfway) between SF and portland? maybe in ashland? any adventure stories (related or not) welcome!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

homework and food weekend

saturday's mouthwatering watermelon

and tomato toast

and cold cucumber soup.

melon, tomato and cuke, compliments of terra firma farms, and all completely delicious.

Friday, July 18, 2008

friday flickrs

front and back. here you can see those naughty neighbor cats better.

friday flickr faves

i am
these browns. from monophobia.
some more brown.
dot play
more orange kitty!
a VERY good cat.

this way out west music festival in göteborg looks really good. (skall ni gå på den?)

i want lines and shapes. lena and mav capture and make such beauty.

Monday, July 14, 2008


thanks for all the bday wishes folks! i'm touched.

the above weaving is from the window of 18 reasons, a place that intrigues me.

i wanted to mention how great the first sf renegade craft fair was. so much better than any other craft fair i've been to! i really liked the majority of the goods on sale, and it was so fun to feel how much more vibrant this art/craft scene is than the (pretty much non-existent) scenes at other fort mason craft fairs i've been to. truly a renegade spirit about the place. and so heartening to see so many friends out there selling their extra fine goods: mati, hugh, jenifer, annie (+hubby) and lorena's booths all were fabulous. and then fun to see folks whose work i've only seen online on flickr or in blogs. also exciting to find some new to me, awesome artists. i was especially inspired by the fabrics/designs made by jennifer at raeburn ink and by the posters of sonnenzimmer, a studio made up of nick butcher and nadine nakanishi. (the posters are much more beautiful in person.)

oh and this marching band's madness added to the already high energy of the marketplace (found katie's photos of the band on flickr.)

what a great time! congrats all you renegade crafter-artists!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


tomorrow i turn 35.

this past year i have felt old and icky quite often. so here is my list of 35 strategies for not feeling old this year.

1. go out dancing more (though this could backfire when i see all the whippersnappers on the dance floor).
2. don't compare self to whippersnappers.

3. flirt more.

4. ok, just flirt. (i'm so out of practice!)

5. exercise.

6. eat more whole foods.

7. think about all the rad people who are older than me, including grannies and grampses.

8. appreciate my health.

9. don't think too much about how jiggly my upper arms are, or how i have a LOT of grey hair.

10. take risks regularly (may sound antithetical, but i mean it in an impulsive way).

11. remember that getting older is a part of life, and

12. when i hear the twenty year olds on BART asking each other if they know the song take on me by aha, and when i realize they were NOT EVEN BORN when take on me first played on mtv, revel in the madness of this.

13. don't dwell on the fact that my birthday lists are getting extremely long.

14. celebrate experience and the accumulation and love of stories.

15. see/listen/be with openness.

16. try new foods, a new style of dress, new activities.

17. wear comfortable shoes.

18. occasionally wear uncomfortable shoes for hot factor.

19. keep eating bi-rite ice cream just whenever the hell i feel like it.

20. stay in touch with childhood (and adulthood) friends (and contact friends in general when i am feeling lonely, instead of just feeling lonely).

21. do some somersaults or jump rope.

22. set up a badminton net (a makeshift one perhaps) in the backyard and ride my bike down more hills.

23. cut and paste and scribble.

24. make some exquisite corpses with friends.

25. skip, sing, giggle and guffaw.

26. walk arm in arm.

27. find a nice snuggle bug (of the human variety, not cat).

28. enjoy more communal dinners.

29. play more games. play more.

30. get involved in activities that are bigger than me, that connect to a greater community.

31. gain more faith in my dreams (easier said).

32. say what it is i want, what i mean, what hurts, what moves me.

33. pay more attention to senses other than sight.

34. remember 35 is just half of 70.

35. remember what is important.

(tomorrow some notes and links from the renegade craft fair, which i went to today and which was fantastic!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

pinky leon friday

if i think about it, it makes me chuckle that pinky leon is featured so much in my photos, drawings, blog posts, as a softie, and now in animation, though disguised as kitty alone in his animated form). i'm certain he'd prefer i spend more time feeding him, scratching his cheek, making reflections for him to chase across the floor/wall and providing a warm lap for him to sleep on, and less time promoting him. gimme a P! gimme an L! (this is as close to cheerleading as i will ever go.)

anyhow, this is from my summer flash intro class: kitty alone. it's rough, and the second half is better than the first half. it's about a minute long, and you must have your sound on to enjoy it.

i hope smithsonian folkways doesn't sue me.

happy weekends to you!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

walkin' on sunday

something one doesn't see often in sf, an empty lot.

i am not sure how i missed mimi's FANTASTIC
tattoo men dolls. love them. i also love these ladies of hers.

have you seen lara cameron's fabrics?

cute store i went into today while on a walk through glen park.