Friday, July 25, 2014

stars all full of night


this one (same god) was one of my favorites from yesterday's show under the big trees.

i've seen sean hayes since 1998, the year i moved to san francisco. many, many, many a time over the years, but yesterday was the first time in a good while, and much needed. such a calming relaxed graceful flow to that kid. groovy. full of music and poetry. and always different. and funny.

the first time i saw/heard him, he was playing in the bar at the fillmore. my girlfriend at the time and he were friends, and we went to hear him instead of whoever the band was that was playing the main stage that night. we sat right in front of sean at a table for two. a few other people were scattered about, not paying much attention. i remember it seeming like a show just for us. i was so caught off guard by the voice that came from the thin man sitting before us. vulnerable and raw and soulful and resonant and soothing. i was immediately completely drawn in. over the years, it's come to seem right that that voice comes out of him, though there is still surprise too every time. my breath catches, and then i settle in.