Sunday, May 31, 2009

let's polka

maybe a polka dots and diamonds week is coming on, if i can manage to take photos during the workdays...

i need to change things up in my rooms. hang some (camilla, sandra and maditi) art i bought/received for xmas. been holding off on buying frames, but maybe they'll just hang from clips for now. it's been so long since i've rearranged. my rooms need a jolt.
also feeling cluttered, literally and otherwise.

alan clarke graphics (thanks dp for link)

swedish textiles in the uk: new house textiles

Friday, May 29, 2009

happy weekends!

i really like the new LOVE stamps.

i don't know these people or what the hell they're doing, but they make me grin.

Monday, May 25, 2009

good morning

sky and ocean and trees combined / all the things i am not saying / swirling out into above / out into below / into feathers flying / i watch them like birds from a window / startled and then drifting / and beautiful clouds ache a little, without edges or end

more photoshop doodles

listening to an orbital song that i don't know the name of. wish i did. it's 9 minutes and 29 seconds, if anyone knows...

from josh whitelaw exactly!
saint vincents
from brown cardigan

soon i'm going to get some holgas developed. excited for the ever surprise.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i feel rich

i feel rich when i look at the contents of our weekly produce box. compared to a lot of people in the world i am rich, but compared to people in SF, i don't have a lot of money. aside from rent, i spend my money mostly on food.
but to me, that feels right. food is important and delicious! look at all those red jewels—cherries (so sweet), strawberries (so ripe i was forced to make yet another crisp) and peaches! i have always been more interested in veggies than in fruit, but when it comes straight from the tree and is twinkling its shiny sides at me, i do fall for fruit. in fact it's hard to resist eating it all at once! (i just got the culture club i tumble for ya song stuck in my head.)

ps. even though i am rich in food, our csa box is so reasonably priced. i get all the organic fruits and veggies i need for about $13.00 a week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


just peeking out with some flickr favorites.
all about color this time (plus of course cute animals, letters and shapes).

small blessing #15
from na'mon
bed just slept in
and now, action
fritz joins bench monday

Sunday, May 10, 2009


i usually get very nervous about going to bigger social events, but the ccsf aiga opening reception on friday night was so fun, i barely felt nervous at all!

between mounting and cutting labels and running around in general on friday, i went to some stores to look for something fun to wear to the opening. i didn't find anything, so resorted to the seldom-worn, back-of-the-closet items. recovered this skirt that my friend amelie's mom sewed for me in 1992! and since i didn't have a black (or otherwise matching) purse, i ended up carrying a polka-dotted bag that was my mormor's. she often used it when she went on errands. it's a bag she must have received when she attended a women's conference in seoul, korea in 1990. (it says the conference name and date on the bag.) (that would have made her 76 years old on that trip. my mormor traveled all over the world as leader of the women's baptist union. she was not the kind of christian who gives christianity a bad name. she was peace-, justice- and human rights-promoting, forgiving, kind, generous and open-minded.) i think i felt armed with love in my somewhat cobbled together outfit. some photos from the show here.

happy mothers day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

and more roses still

the top photo, and even painting the rose, was inspired by this by heather smith jones.

i used to paint a lot more and have been getting back into it lately. i need to buy some real watercolor paper.

this friday, come here!

these talented svenska tjejer are at it again. so fun and lovely. so many stories.

pretty blogs
one day. i may have linked here before.
plainmade. here too.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


a poster i made for a fictional event. it's simple (and a little bit too rave-y), but i like the colors.

there is a venue near where i live called make-out room, and i think it's a fun name for a venue. i called the fictional event kyss mig, which means kiss me in swedish and is pronounced something like shiss may
. although i could probably use an advertisement for kissing, i will not be at the make-out room at 9:00 this friday. ;-)

some flickr faves of late
yes please
from o l y
from amalia
from todd fisher (ha!)
romy and charlie