Friday, August 29, 2008

flickr friday

got lots to do today. it is SO hot here.

so just a couple watery friday flickr favorites:
from snowroom

from tomato senya

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blooming in red

gould's 'duke of york' carnation, by edwin dalton smith

dianthus cultivars, anonymous illustrations

protea repens by henry andrews

images are from the tiniest of botanical illustrations books (really too tiny @ 5 by 6 in. pages), flora by brent elliot.

when skies are grey, a new to me pretty blog
ray fenwick's new the illustrated guide to a life of mystery
fin foils + crafts (bay area friend's surf/polaroid/projects blog with nice background music to it)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

good links today!

art on flickr

how rad are
softie cameras
holy moly. she gives paper dolls a whole new meaning! wow.
shannon rankin wowow.

some loch lomond words:
last night i had a dream
that i was a stripe

running up your arm...

and loch lomond on youtube
bird and bear

Friday, August 22, 2008

furry + flickr friday

pinky leon and his clothed alter ego hank, both showing off their pink toes.

friday flickrs are furred this week:

oh, and then my housemate got me searching for faroe islands photos. i love the colors there. and the landscape of course. maybe someday on the way to sweden i can stop off at iceland and the faroe islands.
gjovg, faroe islands (and whole set)
tinganes, torshavn (and whole set)
looks like a fairytale

happy weekends!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

leafy again

some leaf earrings i made for my housemate heather. she picked the fabric, which she thinks may be called psychedelic tomato. groovy. they are pretty big, but they look good on her. i'll have to snap a pic of her in them too.

i switched my keyboard viewer to swedish to write an email, and though i've switched it back to english, it won't stick. it keeps reverting to swedish, and then my shortcuts don't work and semicolons become ö's. my computer really wants me to write in swedish to you. är det! väldigt irriterande. more later. or mer sedan.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

good saturday + rant

made this for brunch from the recipe mav posted.

bought some thread for some earrings i'm finally making for my roommate as a trade for a lovely hat she made me long ago.

doing some sewing and relaxing. may also rent the swedish film tillsammans (together). i've seen it like 3 times, but for some reason i'm really in the mood for it today.

rant: i watched bill moyers journal last night. i always get so riled up when i watch that show. it's scary good. last night it was about american imperialism and the wars we're in right now. it was also about how presidents (democratic and republican) and many americans want to believe america will be able to continue to prosper if we can fix the problems out there in other countries. when really we need to change america and how we are living/consuming. we're too dependent on other countries for our imports and oil, and this dependence makes us totally vulnerable. and we go along with it all because we want to consume cheaply. but there are so many horrible costs to the way we consume. basically the guest
, andrew bacevich, said we need to change our energy policy and stop being imperialists. but the way he explains it all so articulately is great. you can watch it online.

it's interesting how much of what andrew bacevich talked about, even though he spoke largely about war, relates to these books i've been reading about the industrial food system. seems to me it all comes down to the fact that americans value money and cheap goods more than we value the quality of the food we put in our bodies, more than we value the earth and each other and community. of course no one believes this about themselves, but take a look at how we consume. we turn our backs on the negative impacts
(including war, the destruction of soil and water, the destruction of small farms, the proliferation of sweat shops/child labor, the destruction and endangerment of plant and animal species) of the way we consume.

personally i think if we were taxed more and the government actually helped the people of the country by providing universal health care, education, energy infrastructure, public transportation infrastructure, support of small, diverse farms, support of the arts/humanities, etc., then people wouldn't need to consume cheaply because we would not have to worry about paying for all these other necessities. then we could buy (ideally a lot fewer) quality goods and foods produced/grown locally, while supporting our friends and families and living healthier lives. well i could go on and on, and obviously these topics are all very complex, and each topic has numerous books written about them. my point is, the show is good and worth watching/thinking/arguing about.

Friday, August 15, 2008

friday flickrs

thought my posting would be more prolific this week, but no such happening.

some friday flickr favorites:

1. monofobia's
2. maria ek's
3. flint knits'
4. amanda pulley's

my last semester of graphic design classes starts next week. i'm looking forward to savoring it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

delicious books

i just finished reading plenty and was considering which i like most of these food books i've read of late: animal, vegetable, miracle, the omnivore's dilemma or plenty. i really can't decide. they are all terrific, well-written books. they all kept me rapt. they are funny, VERY informative, fascinating and mostly uplifting.

now i just want to keep reading books on these topics of the industrialization of food, global food issues, environmental issues related to food, local food/small farm issues, organics, the appreciation of flavor and food traditions, awesome chefs/cooks and the importance of diversity of crops/seeds.

it seems to me that the way we ("developed" nations) produce/consume/transport food (both in "developed" and "undeveloped" nations) is at the core of so many of the world's problems (hunger, obesity, disease, pollution, oil dependence, the end of thousands of small farms, spiritual disconnect). and as these books all touch on, food is one of the things we in america can control, on an individual basis anyway, to some degree. these books are uplifting because they are about people empowering themselves and their local farmers and food service folks. they tell of ways to avoid/battle/subvert/alter the gigantic, evil corporations and industries that control food production. plus there are mouthwatering recipes in these books.

i recommend them all! i am confident you will find them to be delectable.

have you read any related books i should add to my food book reading?

Friday, August 08, 2008

friday flickrs

hi there. my mom is visiting, so maybe more posts next week.
we went to see the frida exhibit today. SO good. (frustratingly crowded however.)

friday flickrs:
hello, handsome
polaroid sky
Details, details!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

singing pickathon praises

pickathon was even better than i expected—so much good, new to me music. i particularly enjoyed the red stick ramblers, pokey lafarge, crooked still, the everybodyfields, samantha crain and the midnight shivers, the old believers and loch lomond. (also saw sasparilla, sean hayes, jolie holland, hackensaw boys, martha scanlan, justin townes earle and the bad livers. whew!)

the sound board blew a fuse on loch lomond, and that of course was the best thing that could have happened. everyone scooted up and they played acoustic. they were terrific and their good energy was contagious. and such perfect-strange-funny-sad lyrics.

the festival was not at all packed with people. one could sit however close one wanted to the music. there weren't any drunken loudmouths. it was super pretty, with mount hood showing herself behind the main stage all the sudden on saturday. and it was the eco-friendliest festival i've ever attended. go pickathon go! i recommend it to you!

liz and i got up early saturday and drove into portland to go to broder and bolt. portlanders are just so nice.

also nice are jenifer, bob and dixie loo, our lovely pickathon companions, taco makers, vw spot sharers and chillin' kids.

more photos here.