Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hey publishers

here are some books i would buy if they existed:

learning daily's drawings of musicians (or of anything)
nick feder's portraits
sannah's portraits of her girlfriend. (you must check out this one. she and the photo are beautiful!)
ana's paper dolls

also, check out abby's holiday tags. she makes me want to try making stamps.

illustrators found through camilla: michael bartalos and tamara villoslada

mormor's hår i september (mormor's hair)
mormor har brutit andra hoften o armen (brot dem pa andra sidan for bara ett tag sedan. onskar att SF o Sverige var nara varandra...)


sannah said...


Camilla Engman said...

Åh vad tråkigt att höra om din mormor...

abbytrysagain said...

how sweet are you :) you would be great at carving i am sure-thanks for the great links...

Kristina said...

Stakkels Mormor....håber hun snart bliver frisk ;o)