Wednesday, November 21, 2007


i have so much to do these days and yet i seem to fritter away my days doing other random things. not sure if it's procrastination or what. i sense that overwhelmed feeling coming on, but i'm going to try not to let it get the best of me! will make some lists and start really getting things done! and not worry about two weeks from now. anyhow, in lieu of a photo, here are some flickr faves for thanksgiving.

pods are the best, and look at how nice these ones are! and so nicely organized.
mirjan has so many beautiful self portraits. (it helps that she is beautiful too.)
from mary amor

i finally saw darjeeling limited. that wes anderson is one of my favorites. a calm contentment fills me when i'm in the theater in front of his colors, staring into rooms and out of rooms. the windows. ah. what people look like in slow motion. and that adrian brody is especially beautiful in the movie. such soulful eyes and expressions. i don't understand why people are giving the film bad or lukewarm reviews. it's no royal tenenbaums or rushmore, true, but it's pretty damn gorgeous. and funny too.

i am thankful for wes anderson films, for having shelter (albeit a drafty one), for friends and family and my cat of course. for other worlds that people create and allow us to enter (on flickr, in books, in music, in movies). to see our own reality anew through these other worlds, sometimes in the tiniest ways and sometimes in huge ways.


sandra said...

i'm thankful for blogs like yours :)

jenifer74 said...

hi shash. don't feel too overwhelmed, don't let it get one over on you -what you accomplish is what you accomplish, and all will be just fine :) happy thanksgiving to you.