Monday, September 22, 2008

good morning

on this monday.

i was indoors almost all weekend doing homework. i'm looking forward to taking a walk today outside in the beautiful becoming-fall weather. i do have to do more homework, but i feel much lighter today than i did through the weekend.
i did manage to watch amelie yesterday. it had been a while. love that movie. a good friend of mine doesn't love it, which i find baffling. how could one not love that movie?! seems impossible.

mav's and stephanie's year of mornings arrived a couple days ago, and it is so wonderful (of course). exciting that sandra and famapa are taking up a 3191 inspired project, how we say hello.


art said...

good afternoon lady :) darn all that homework! yes, how does one *not* like amelie?!

mav said...

thank you for the sweet mention and comment on 3191. and of course i love seeing the sink of my dreams this morning. xx

Pollykc said...

that teaspoon is very cute:)