Monday, October 12, 2009

how did i miss this?!

i often wander over to the contemporary jewish museum on my lunch break because i like the architecture and landscaped courtyard there. i can't believe i have walked past a swiss chocolatier, schoggi, and not noticed it right there next to the museum!

today was the perfect day (grey with impending rain) for a hot chocolate. i was actually looking for a new hot chocolate place today, and lo and behold!

i like how the chocolates match the buildings outside—sculpted shapes and similar colors.

i have never been that big on downtown sf, but working downtown, it is growing on me. i like hearing the different languages of the tourists and looking up at the windows scaling the sky (flashing clouds around like disco balls) it's crazy that buildings can be so tall. it really is.

should have posted yesterday's radical chocolate link today.


caramela said...

Yum and yum,high and low!
Annamaria xx

shari said...

how was the sendak exhibit? the chocolate place looks like great fun. i found a new hot chocolate place that i adore but it's about a 45 minute drive from my house. xo

jenifer74 said...

hey, we should meet up sometime -- i never have a long enough break to walk all the way down there, but we could meet in between maybe...

did you eat any of those chocolates? i'm still on a hunt for a delicious salted caramel that isn't so expensive.

i could so drink a hot chocolate right now - they haven't turned the heat on in our building at school yet & it's FREEZING!