Thursday, December 31, 2009

year of the fox?

i think partially because i drank coffee (which i rarely do) at around 4:00 yesterday, i couldn't fall asleep last night. so i lay awake thinking about how fabulous
general store is. general store is a lovely shop across town from me, right by the ocean. it is next to the aptly named trouble coffee shop. a tiny strip of awesomeness has opened in the outer sunset, which as far as i know, is relatively devoid of awesome stores. jen and bob and i went to general store for the first time yesterday.

i couldn't totally focus on the wares in the store because i was completely enamored with the store owner's dog, macie! part dog, part fox. look at her bushy fox tail. i have mentioned before which dogs i am particularly a sucker for. well add to the top of the list: very soft part dog, part fox dogs.

in addition to the macie distraction, i was also distracted/lulled by the cozy atmosphere and unintimidating vibe of the place. i kind of just wanted to live there.
the freshly cut wood scent had its aromatherapy effect on me. (smelled a bit like my dad's garage where he did/does carpentry projects.) the store feels scandinavian to me, with the white walls and light wood. it is clean and spare, though there are many treasures to be found in various boxes. the store design also seems to have some other influences as well—a skater/surfer/california one, a modern art/design one, a DIY crafter/reuse one, a 70's one.

serena, the very nice co-owner, who was at the store, is an SF artist who has a gorgeous blog as well. you can see much better, non-blurry photos of the store there.

even though getting to general store is quite a commute for me, i know i will go out there again in 2010 to visit that foxy macie, to get a better look at the goodies being sold and to see the greenhouse they plan to open in the back yard!

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