Friday, March 05, 2010

PL investigates

i now have to totally adjust my photos w/ curves because my camera takes pink photos. pink! it may be time to invest the tax return in a new camera.

friday flickrs
these two look like such rascals with those sneaky smiles. (found through sandra's flickr faves.)
from snjezana
anna emilia's forest pond

oustanding in the field


shari said...

that pinky leon!

i was just looking at the photos at outstanding in the field. the photos taken at the vt farm are beautiful. i'd love to experience it once but it's just so expensive. xo

Kerstin Svendsen said...

i know. that's how i feel. but just once....

gracia said...

Cats investigating and sniffing and lolling about... what I would not give to trade places at times. Surrounded as I type by three snoozing felines. They are soaking in the warm sun filtering in through the window.

Hope you get a new camera with your tax return. Sounds like fun.