Saturday, May 08, 2010

see you in june

my camera has officially passed. i think i'll take a blog break until june while i work on my book project.

i am researching publishers right now for the book i've been compiling/designing. one of the publishers writes in their submission guidelines that when indicating one's target audience, one should not refer to "cultural creatives." they write: This mythical group is referenced in nearly one-third of the proposals we get, and carries no weight with us. this cracked me up.

yesterday i was craving waffles. and breakfasts in general. probably because i was looking at these.

while i was looking at breakfast photos and craving waffles (and eggs and toast and smoothies and cheese and and and), i listened to an npr concert by low and loney dear, two of my faves. these older loney dear songs are new to me. (download concert on bottom left)

one of my favorites from the cca mfa exhibit: mara baldwin

well, this has been a totally scattered post to break with. ah well. i leave you with these cuties: and smile please.

see you. (maybe it's time to transform the blog too....)


Chelsea said...

Have a good vacation! Glad you got to see some of my pieces at Gravel and Gold...I have yet to see the store myself! Fingers crossed, I'm trying to get down there soon.

gracia said...

Waffles!? Now I am also craving waffles. It is not something I can make at this hour but I so wish I could.

Enjoy a spell away from your blog, and good luck with all the work involved with your book. I really am super excited by it.

be well,
a cultural creative

Rug Cleaners said...

Everyone will surely miss you. Have a wonderful vacation. See you soon.