Monday, August 23, 2010

outstanding in the parking lot

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this weekend jen and i picked berries and jammed. after about eight hours of making and preserving 17 pints of strawberry + blackberry jam yesterday, jen and bob's neighbors brought out the barbecue for an outstanding in the parking lot dinner, the city version of outstanding in the field.
jayn set up her wind-up gramophone! and we watched the full moon rise over the warehouse building across the street. pretty sweet. we also discussed important matters like pig orgasms, which according to our resident pig orgasm expert, leah, (and then google for verification) last 30 minutes. we topped the evening off with vanilla ice cream served the freshest berry syrup on top. YUM. an all around delicious weekend.


Tuesday said...

What a great idea~
And a perfect late summer meal. There's something very urban chic about a bbq in a parking lot in S.F. Goes to show that you can create ambiance wherever you want to.

kusink said...

That is so funny! And that evening both looks and sounds like a wonderful and yummy one! xo

Syed Mushtaq Hussain Sajjadi said...

gooooood job