Wednesday, February 23, 2011


this past weekend four friends and i watched the water come in and go out, be still and move swiftly past (first to the right and then to the left), lap beneath the house, sound like rain, reflect stars, shine shades of grey, blue, green, lavender.

of course we took pictures.

we stayed on the water of tomales bay in marshall, california. the weekend was like the water, moving fast, moving slow. so much emotion, so much laughter and silliness. we played (a surprisingly competitive game of) apples to apples, we dressed up, leslie set up a photo booth, we told stories and dreams, we beaded necklaces, made dinners, painted, ate and ate and ate. we walked on dillon beach, rambled rather loudly through point reyes, and ate some more. luckily, we didn't fit everything in, so we'll need to do it again. thanks katrina, jen, leslie and mati. y'all are beauties.


Katrina said...

so lovely shash. and i love how the colors in these photos matches the colors in your blog header too! shash colors. i love it.

leslie said...

perfectly captured in your photos and in your words... our time there is beginning to feel like a lovely dream.

one worth having again and again :)

annamaria said...

Looks and sounds like great fun Shash!X