Wednesday, March 02, 2011

GIANT tulip

ecco tulip (i'm taking italiano)

tulip for you

tulip hat

tulip headband

balancing tulip


one bigger.

have you listened to the most recent this american life? wow. oh so so so heartwrenching. infuriating and beautiful and really good.


Anna Emilia said...

So pretty (: The two of you!


jenifer lake said...

i'm fond of the giant tulip headband.

Yellow Cat Studio said...

That is a giant tulip! Wowza!

annamaria said...

My friend is going on a trip and she just handed me over a bouquet of gorgeous tulips to paint. So here I am running off to the studio with my beautiful tulips, but none is as beautiful as the one on your head!Maybe you should come to the studio and have your portrait painted with a the flower on your head. It would work you know.(no joke)!!Ok. One day.XX

Janis said...

Your tulip makes a wonderful hat :^)