Sunday, July 24, 2011

sweden bits


in sweden i saw

lots of brown midsummer poles not yet taken down—holding on to summer
dramatic skies (though mild, lovely weather)
puffy clouds

small, bright green, perfect couch
lots of terriers and strange looking dogs
people baffled by the new locker system at both the göteborg and stockholm train stations
way more tattoos than i've ever seen before in sweden
camilla, morran and ingvar and karin for the first time—all completely charming

i was moved when
as the plane was landing at arlanda airport, i immediately felt safe and home (and not just from having miraculously survived yet another plane flight)

listening to our tour guide describe carl and karin's house and life together at carl larsson gården (unfortunately there are no photos inside the house allowed)
watching beginners (the movie) for the second time
saying goodbye to carin

i like
the black train cars
fika, of course
the smell of the underground
the soft air
how well little things seem to work everywhere—like how the hot water comes on right away

night swimming under an almost full moon in the archipelago
strawberry cake

some more descriptions under my photos.


Nidhi said...

your Sweden photos are SO fantastic shash...delicious food, plenty of lovely summer moments, cute babies, family time...I loved it all! thanks for sharing so many of them :)

annamaria said...

It all looks so beautiful and fun!
I would absolutely love to visit the Carl + Karin's home and garden- I find everything they created so full of joy and beauty!Happy it was all so lovely for you!XX

kusink said...

Det var så fint att träffa dig och kompisarna igen! Verkligen. Stora kramar

Kerstin Svendsen said...

thanks nidhi. you were patient if you looked at all of them! shoulda edited a bit... :-)

annamaria: me too. this was my second time there. one could go 100 times and find new treasures there i think. the descendants still use the house too, which is crazy. they just have to leave before the tours start (and parts of the house are kept private). it's amazing how everything is so thoughtful in the house. a mix of playful, beautiful, very practical, ingenious etc. and they bought art from other places and added to it, which i like. and were constantly changing the house, adding parts and painting on the walls...their styles were so different and yet complemented each other so well. i could go on and on as you can tell!

karin: likewise! alltid fint att träffa dig. synd att vi inte hann norr ut. skulle velat se eran lägenhet o sommarstället. men jag får helt enkelt åka tillbaka snart!