Wednesday, August 24, 2011

goodbye living room doves.

i got the apartment, by the way! so very grateful. i'm off to the sunny east bay soon.

while i appreciate the convenience, diversity and cultural and food offerings of san francisco, i've never felt like a city person. i grew up in a city of 23,000 and lived on the edge of it, surrounded by hills. and the
two colleges i applied to, i chose based mainly on the number of trees in the vicinity (a lot). so it's strange to me that i've weathered city life in SF for 13 years. as cities go, i suppose san francisco is pretty gentle (aside from ridiculous housing prices). and the neighborhoods almost seem like small towns that just spill into one another. but still!

some things i will miss about my apartment of eight years
being able to easily walk to dolores park, bernal hill, and to all the bakeries and ice creameries and other deliciousness in between

the views from the back steps
flowers from the yard
rainbow grocery right down the street
my housemate of four years, heather (and splitting our csa box)
going to the alemany farmers' market with jen and mati most saturdays

some things i will not miss
the sirens that sound from living near a fire station
men peeing wherever/whenever on the street, regularly
city noise
the heavy influx of marina types and mainstreamers (stereotypes, i know) to the mission
slow drains
extreme drafts/lack of insulation and heat

i'm excited to learn a new place. to walk around and look at different houses and different yards. to figure out where to put things in my apartment. to bike. i wonder what the SF fog looks like from there...

have you seen heather smith jones' beautiful new shop, blue sparrow press?! lovely.


shari said...

congrats on your new apartment! hope you are well, shash.

Anonymous said...

Grattis! Åh, vad kul att du fick den! Jag skickade många snälla tankar, så det kanske gjorde susen ;)

stor kram

kusink said...

(... ja, det var kusink som skrev förstås ...)

bethany said...

yay! so glad, may the move be a smooth one :)

annamaria said...

Yay, for your new home!!Best, best wishes!XX