Sunday, October 16, 2011

alameda houses


one of my sources of entertainment in alameda is bicycling around and looking at the houses. so many different styles of houses from different years line the streets and stand in varying states of decay/renovation. (another day i'll post some decrepit ones.) there are plenty of well-used porches, trellised entryways, gardens (popular: sunflowers and roses), raiders flags.

the house i live in was built in 1895, and there many other victorians on the island—some gigantic, some itty. i think i'll pick up some books on the history of alameda/its houses.

according to wikipedia, alameda, named so in 1853, means grove of poplar trees or tree-lined avenue in spanish. before the spanish arrived, ohlone lived here.

on a totally different topic: via more & co, this awesome project: (moveable in more ways than one) moveable type

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