Friday, March 30, 2012

william steig


as a child i loved sylvester and the magic pebble and the amazing bone by mr. steig. today i checked out the book william steig drawings, which includes many of his new yorker drawings. his drawings are so scribbly and ugly and beautiful and hilarious. amazing how something so scribbly can capture so much about gestures, life. in the introduction, lillian rose writes of steig's drawn world:

it's a place without money or machinery or 'things.' it's a world populated by artists, farmers, knights, ladies, gentlemen, lovers (many, many lovers); by lions, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, birds, fish (congenial creatures all of them, but with every human fault); by drunks, violinists, bums, actors, intimate, pastoral, not too dangerous world, where poetry rules and time does not pass.

this book contains a bunch of drawings of people serenading animals and vice versa. too funny.

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