Thursday, June 07, 2012

farm bill time

americans, if you care about any of the following—small farmers, sustainable farming, food stamps/food accessibility, safe food, treatment of farm animals, it's time to contact your senators about the farm bill. while the current bill mostly sucks, there is still time to get some meaningful amendments added to it. the farm bill lasts five years and affects all of us (we all eat!) and affects animals, land, and water.

two easy ways to contact your representatives:

1. through food & water watch (their letter focuses on two amendments related to small farmers and non-GE food)
2. through organic consumers association (their letter focuses on reversing the food stamp cut)

for more farm bill info, read this open letter from food movement leaders and/or watch a very short video.

for more detailed info, check out this page of food & water watch's site, or check out the book food fight explains the farm bill in greater detail. 

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