Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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going from rosy alameda to the city of roses—portland (and seattle and the pickathon!). i'll be reading gone girl on the plane. i'm not a big mystery reader, but i heard this is a good one, and so far i'm really liking it. i need to be as distracted as possible on the plane.

some assorted links:

i would like to see jared flesher's documentaries: the farmer and the horse and sourlands.

this film, toxic profits—about how pesticides banned in the US are still exported to other countries—looks like a good one to me to fund via kickstarter.

beautiful photos on the blog dear leila

i like to look at mieke's photos of people's apartments.

see you in a little bit.

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annamaria said...

Always great links. Loved the Dear Leila blog.Thank you;)