Tuesday, April 16, 2013


i remember when they were building the interior of gravel & gold, before they opened, and i would walk by and wonder what this gravel & gold place was going to be. sey yes posters covered the windows, and a lot of woodworking seemed to be happening inside—sawdust came flying out of the darkness through the cracked open door. they've changed their layout many times since opening, but the store retains its yummy scent and always its excellent aesthetic.

the g&g store owners appreciate textile art, marimekko, producing their own fabric/designs, the 60s/70s, sweden, hand crafted goods, and boobs! among other things. and they're a pickup site for eatwell farms csa. overall goodness.

steve martin and edie brickell's collaboration is up on first listen.

a little lightness amidst the sad news.


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