Sunday, May 05, 2013

alameda chicken coop tour

joan and dylan and aiden and i went on a bicycle tour of alameda chicken coops. fun to see people's different setups and back yards and chickens of all shades (soft grey, iridescent black, buff, spotted, fluffy footed). heard many breed names batted about, but don't remember many of those (buff orpington, wyandotte, bantam, araucana, ameraucana...) we determined that our chickens are some of the luckiest, space-wise, in alameda. all of the alameda chickens though seem to be pretty happyvery robust ladies. some sweet coops out there. also saw some beekeepers and goats and sheep. more photos

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annamaria said...

I wish I could come by and draw your chickens , they are such gorgeous(and funny) creatures-xx