Saturday, August 17, 2013


it's the weekend, so i am eating sweets and taking walks. (started a new old cars in alameda set, in addition to the truck one.)

i also listened to this american life. the story this week is unbelievable and depressing. an estimated 7,000 eritreans have been held hostage and tortured, raped, and/or killed in the sinai peninsula in egypt. it is incredible that human trafficking on such a large scale has been allowed and continues to happen. and that people (other journalists, government officials, and police in various countries) were so reluctant/refused to help meron estefanos, the eritrean-swedish journalist, who was trying to publicize the story in 2011 and get help for the hostages. hostages that were eventually able to escape to israel, were given little or no assistance in israel, aside from the country letting the survivors live there. and now israel can indefinitely detain new eritrean arrivals and has begun sending them back to eritrea.

here's also a ny times article about it.

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