Tuesday, May 20, 2014

back yard refuge

above from jen and bob's thrifted-gifted-traded-scavenged-pilfered-hand-built yard. a magical ever-changing piece of sf bayview heaven, complete with chickens, cats, ol' dixieloo dog, a night warming chiminea, heart shaped stone collection, driftwood reminders, and succulent color bursts. and soon to sport a handmade pizza oven (built with clay gleaned from a friend's land). 

we were there for jen's ceramic bead class. we shaped, jen fired, we glazed, and jen will fire. can't wait to see what the finished beads look like.

mati and heather and i rode our bikes to/from class along the embarcadero. (we realized that we were a bicycle-beading gang and hooted/rang our bike bells accordingly!) we passed this urban beauty and topped the day off with some ice cream from mr. and mrs. miscellaneous. mmm.

thx jen and bead gang for a fun day. 

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