Tuesday, September 13, 2005

self portrait tuesday: body parts

so i started out going by kath's theme of body parts and trying to take a photo of my skinny (in comparison to the rest of me) fingers, but it ended up being an eyeball/nose picture instead. it's not flattering, but i like it for some reason.

and here was another in the group that i liked because it looks like i'm some kind or weird creature who can wrap their eyes around their head! watch out.

i'm starting to get the pre-travel jittery excitement feeling. like i drank too many blended coffee beverages. of course i've already had trouble sleeping for a week because i dread flying, despite the fact that i've flown all my life. andrea's 9/12/05 post is appropriate...

ps. i just found these on six and a half stitches. wow!!!


Anya said...

Safe travels, Shash... Give my love to your Mom and Mormor.

I like seeing your face online, even if your eyes DO wrap around your head. ; )

Camilla Engman said...

vilken tur att jag kan skriva på svenska! Du ser lite lurig ut och full av jävlar annamma!

la vie en rose said...

Great sp. I love the close up. In the second one I think it looks like you are really contemplating something important.