Sunday, March 25, 2007


my digital camera is away on repairs.

just some links today.

the portrait party. i might try this. such a good idea!

good movies i've seen lately (in the past couple months):
the namesake (sweetest love story between the parents. and just beautiful all around.)
half nelson (on video. really really good.)

united states of leland (on video. same actor guy as in half nelson. depressing, but good.)
the lives of others (had no idea what this was about when i went to see it. almost left in the first 15 minutes because i was unprepared for the torture/questioning scene, but am so glad i stayed to see the whole thing. timely.)

flickr favorites of late:
rocketina makes interesting juxtapositions
ou la la's yulove
cheer me up and all elif's photos
kaarel's beautiful light as usual

i feel like there was more stuff i was going to tell you about/link to. but i guess this is it for now.


dandelion said...

i saw the united states of leland this week - i thought it was really good, and poignant. Great flickr links!...x

Kissukka said...

Will have to keep an eye out for those movies!

BTW, have you ever checked out Bitsandbobbins' flickr photos? I love the colours and retro shapes...

amisha said...

hi there! cute self-portrait!
and thanks for the movie recs + flickr tips... i am excited about the namesake. i read the book so long ago i've forgotten much of it, so looking forward to the film reminding me of my favorite bits. have you read jhumpa lahiri's short stories? so so good.

mati rose said...

what a sweet photo of you!
i know, i just adored the namesake... and just netflixed monsoon wedding-- haven't seen in years and missisippi masala, which i've never seen by mira nair:)
fun to run into you as usual, however brief.

jenifer74 said...

oh i love that portrait party idea! i would be scared to show my drawings b/c sometimes i feel like i can't draw worth a fig, but i would love to do this!

you look lovely in your self portrait :)

thanks for the suggestions, noted & saved!