Wednesday, April 04, 2007

kitty cat

PL booty

have you seen the kitty kat youtube?

my camera is on its way back from being repaired. i've missed it and hope it arrives soon.

some flickr faves for you.

1, 2, 3

1, 2, 3

i was supposed to go dance away a crushed crush tonight, but erica and i didn't make it out.
chocolate will have to do. (so far i've had toblerone, some pirouette cookies {which i actually bought for a 30 inch tall food scupture contstruction i have to make for a design class - i need to stop eating my materials} and organic chocolate milk.)


dandelion said...

I've missed your photos - it will be good to get your camera back!

I guess it's not too much of a problem if you eat the cookies, but i would start to worry if you made a move on paints!

Thanks for the flickr tipoffs...x

amisha said...

pirouettes last about 2 days in my house... they are so addictive.
cute kitty backside polaroid!

trudesign said...

Kitty butt! :)

bugheart said...

such a cute
PL booty!
so sorry
to hear
a crushed crush...
need to send

nicole said...

A food sculpture? My kinda work :)

mati rose said...

oh, a crushed-crush... makes a pang in my heart. have you tried the chocolate cafe "bittersweet"?

Listoria said...

chocolate is a phenomenal cure-all-wonderdrug!

the little kitty heinny - too funny!