Thursday, July 05, 2007

it's been hot

i'm not complaining. having grown up in so cal, i enjoy the heat.

been spending time in our backyard, which at first glance looks kind of sparse. it is mostly concrete. but once you get down in there and sit under our one tree, it seems almost lush. there is greenery all along the edges, about 3-4 feet worth along the fence, which encloses the yard on three sides. our downstairs neighbors care for the flowers and whatnot. we have a few rose bushes, some succulents, nasturtiums, assorted green leafy leaves and grasses, mint, the aforementioned tree, which produces an inedible mystery fruit, and these geraniums. (my mormor always had a lot of potted geraniums on her balcony and in her apartment. they make me think of her.) one of the three adjacent yards has some sort of fountain now. the trickling water adds to the lush feeling. all the flitting, buzzing, crawling of the birds and bees and ants and spiders factors in too. i can almost imagine i'm in some english country garden or a tropical place, until i hear the sirens, car alarms, yelling etc. in the distance, and neighbors on cell phones in the not so distant distance.

a couple of days ago sitting back there, i stared for at least five minutes at a perching (ie relatively still) hummingbird. i did not realize how tiny they are. they are really tiny!

been reading anais nin's diary. there are seven fat volumes of her diary and that's not nearly the whole thing apparently. it is not super sexual (at least not so far) as some might think (given some of her other writing). i've been surprised at how familiar many of her insecurities and musings are. it's comforting.

anyhow. here is (kind of a lot of) friday flickr goodness (a bit early).

in the grey/silver category:
this whole set and this photo
flowers and foliage
little bear

at diana's
at astrid's
at hanne's

dean street, brooklyn
more light

have a good weekend!


dandelion said...

eek, what I would give to see a hummingbird! wow!! Great flickr recommendations as usual!...x

life in yonder said...

Jeg oppfaget akurat bloggen din via Wee Wonderfuls blog. Ble så glad da jeg så boklisten din. Jeg liker også å lese (selv om jeg ikke er like flittig leser som deg). Jeg legger deg til på loglisten min så kan jeg få boktips underveis. Ønsker deg en god helg! Anne Marie

gracia said...

A hummingbird - eep! I have such a soft spot for those little guys. Having never actually seen one that was not part of a taxidermied display in a museum, I am a little green with envy. Enjoy that time spent in the garden, grache.

mati rose said...

i tagged you shash! read my bloggy blog.