Tuesday, March 25, 2008

kale +

i read
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly today. it's really good. i was surprised at how true the movie was to the book, and yet what a beautiful interpretation of the words the movie was. both versions are poetic, poignant and so hopeful. anyway, i recommend the book and the movie wholeheartedly.

saw the charming beth orton the other night. i guess this was her first time playing out since having a baby over a year ago. she kept messing up songs and talking about messing up/being nervous. in between, she sang beautifully. i think her nervousness made the audience feel both nervous/uncomfortable and more connected to her. being a nervous person myself, it was interesting to watch her struggle through, and eventually really get into, and enjoy the song. that gal can sing.

hannah waldron (can't remember where i found the link. maybe through sandra.)

until friday most likely...


katiecrackernuts said...

I'll take your advice and go and hunt down a copy. The movie is on my must-see list, but I never actually do anything with that list. It becomes a DVD list over time. I think Beth Orton is great, great, great and I really like gigs where the artist is up there being a human being. I speak to a lot of musos and love the ones who just get into it with faff and bother.

jenifer74 said...

oh wow, i really wanted to see her and didn't get tickets, and then had house guests coming...i bet she was amazing. she's on my list of must sees. next time!

thanks for a fun time today :)

(i still need to get some sean hayes from you!)