Wednesday, October 15, 2008

quick hello

oh! i'm very excited to get the swedish volume of lines and shapes of course. of course!

speaking of swedes, the above is a glimpse of another work by my talented aunt ulrika lönnå. i think this weaving's from the 70's. it's at my parents.'

while i was at my parents' this past weekend, i was forced to go through my storage there. what a crazy walk down memory lane. found some great + funny stuff from childhood and tons of drawings/paintings. can't believe i used to be so prolific. ;-) so much stuff i don't want in my own house, but could not bear to throw out. so it's staying in their closet a little longer.

flickr favorites will be peppered in my sporadic october postings instead of clumped on fridays (until november). a few fall ones:

more swedishness
meadow from shari
and another from terese whose photos are so intimate and tender