Sunday, October 05, 2008

sunday flickrs

friday's flickr favorites are coming at you on sunday.

i probably will be posting very sporadically this month as i'm trying to get my graphic design portfolio together (two months sooner than i had anticipated needing to)! it will be online too (finally) by november 3. i'm saying this more for my sake than yours. to make it more real.

some damp ones:
astrid's canoe
foresty goodness

a pretty and clever gal
an intense and clever boy

love these colors and the type

on friday jenifer hosted an outdoor movie night (just before the rain came) featuring hedwig and the angry inch. hedwig just gets better every time. funny to see all the dogs that live in j's bldg hanging out, and dixie loo dog sleeping beneath the screen, hedwig rockin' above.

anyhow. see you not sure when.


dandelion said...

great flickry links - good luck with your portfolio...x

ryan manning said...

ultimately life-affirming

asphaltandair said...

such a great shot.
i miss those tiles...

Astrid said...

Thanks for liking my canoe shot :-)