Sunday, December 21, 2008

att minnas

well, i know there's a lot of rain, snow and ice out there right now. but i came across liivia's photostream on flickr and must share some of her summery finland photos. i could favorite almost every photo of hers. her photos and her house make me very nostalgic for vallsta. her house isn't actually that similar to vallsta, but for some reason, her photos make me think about kakelugnar, blåklockor, att bada i vattnet, gammla sax, morot rivaren mormor hade, trapporna upp till vinden o ner till källaren, morfar's skrivbord, stora rummet, barnen i bullerbyn, midsommar...

yesterday i was waiting for my friend laurel to arrive at greens restaurant, where we ate a delicious lunch looking out over the bay and the golden gate bridge. so lovely. anyhow, i was sitting outside in the sun and watching people enter the restaurant. many were dressed up for the occasion and it seemed like maybe many were celebrating the holidays there with family. there were several grandmothers in the mix. i watched a young girl (maybe 12?) gently usher her grandmother in through the door after the rest of the family had entered. it made me miss mormor. that kind of love and care. so big and simple at such a young age. so sure.

(ovan: mormor o jag på millesgården. jag tror att mamma sa att vi skulle posera så här.)


Hayley said...

so truly lovely to witness. I am taking my daughter to meet her other grandparents and great-grandmother for the first time and they couldn't be more excited. Great-grandmother is in the hospital and all she talks about is this grandchild she has never met.

Happy holidays!

Sophie said...

Your book is so nice, really touching. Makes me dream... I think every family should have a Vallsta, life would be more sweet.

Happy Hollidays!

dandelion said...

have a great christmas shash...x

lotta said...

God Jul Kerstin! Vad fin din hemsida är och dina graphic design arbeten. Jag hoppas på ett lugnt och fridfullt 2009.

shash said...

happy holidays to all of you as well (a bit belated)!
tack lotta!