Friday, December 19, 2008

special friday flickrs: mav tribute

this friday's favorites are all from maria, aka mav.

mav's (and for a while arc and mav's) blog is one of two blogs that i have checked almost every day since 2005! it's odd to spend part of each day "with" someone i've never met. i am really going to miss the port2port part of my days. yesterday was mav's last port2port post. amazing how just a short visit to her blog offered such a huge amount of beauty and inspiration. her posts made me reflect and see the world differently. i feel lucky that she shared/shares so many of her projects, photos, thoughts and her own inspirations with us. i think her blog is/was one of the most beautiful out there.

i started posting friday flickrs after seeing mav's, so it is even more appropriate that today's faves are photos by her. i don't know if friday flickrs was something she started, but her posting hers certainly influenced many others out there to post theirs. and she has influenced/inspired many art/craft/photo bloggers with her ideas, images, letterpress work, projects and with her grace. i am grateful, she'll still be an online presence with 3191, more, lines and shapes and other projects.

anyhow, here are some of the MANY mav flickr faves of mine in no particular order.

a moment like any other but somehow better
new watercolors
hungry, {really i am}
my breakfast partner
three of my favs
thursday: looking past
a lunch from last week that i wish i had today
dinner after the storm
going back...july 2006

thank you so much maria!


mav said...

i am overwhelmed with your sweet post. it was fun to look back at the photographs you chose. the one of my sister-in-law holding the cat with the dog in the background is so funny! seems like ages ago.

i wish you only the best. i know we'll keep in touch and meet again soon. happy holidays, dear shash. xx

shash said...

yes, that cat photo is a funny and good one! happy holidays to you too mav.
(i finally got my mom to pay attention to my p2p items on my xmas list this year. heehee.)