Tuesday, November 03, 2009

textile + book inspiration

in progress

today: fika with amanda and a walk in gorgeous weather, a delicious cheese purchase to be enjoyed shortly, sewing at home with pinky leon, and tonight botanical illustration class. a good day.

feeling inspired by
these three women who opened their own green fabric screenprinting biz.

also by wonder wonder wares

and ah-yi's wood block printing

also enjoying wendell berry's novels. i imagine that most folks in the food/agriculture movement are familiar with berry's foundational essays, or at least with his oft quoted words that eating is an agricultural act. reading his essays, i wondered how berry would integrate his ideas into stories. i read jayber crow first. such a heartbreaking and heart filling story. the ending is powerful and painful and beautiful. it was comforting to know while reading jayber's story that (i think) all of berry's novels are about the people of/near port william, because i knew i'd want to visit port william again. so far jayber crow is my favorite, but a world lost is also wonderful. berry's ideas and beliefs about community and farming and spirituality are certainly evident in all of the novels i've read so far, but they are communicated through the characters in a thoroughly believable way. impressive that someone can write such clear and complicated essays and also be a masterful storyteller. now of course i'm curious about his poetry...


caramela said...

Are you making a quilt? whatever it is its lovely!
Annamaria x

Chelsea said...

Lovelove Wendell Berry---I didn't know he wrote fiction. Good suggestion.